Where Do You Fall on the Political Spectrum? Here’s My Result…

I came across this interesting web site that is meant to help you see where you fall on the political spectrum.

All you have to do is answer 11 questions that were part of a national survey conducted by the Pew Research Center. The quiz takes less than 10 minutes, and in my case, seemed to accurately reflect where I think I am on the political spectrum. You can also see how you compare with other Americans by age, race, religion, and gender.

Here is my result, shown graphically:

As you can see, I am fairly left of center, which qualifies me as a Liberal Democrat. That’s how I would have described myself before the quiz.

Thirty years ago I would have described myself as a Conservative; it would have been interesting to have taken such a quiz back then so that I can see on which issues my views have changed.

I thought I would also share how I compare to others in the U.S. by age, gender, race, and religion:

Age (it seems as if you follow the trend towards where I am, my position would correspond with an infant…)

Gender (it seems like I may need to get back to taking more Scottish showers):




So while on the outside I may be 60-plus-years-old, white, Catholic, and male, politically I don’t fit align with those demographics.

Many of my friends do have those traits and are on the Conservative side, but I value their friendship since it goes beyond political parties and ideologies.

I’d encourage you to take the quiz, if nothing else to get you thinking about where you stand on some of the issues that the quiz makes you take a position on.

I’m glad I live in a country that allows people to have a diverse set of opinions on issues; it’s part of what makes us great.

Here is the link for the quiz

2 thoughts on “Where Do You Fall on the Political Spectrum? Here’s My Result…

  1. The problem with this scale is that it’s a many-to-one transformation that can be very misleading. I consider myself an economics conservative in favor of small government and greatly reducing the massive burden of $100+ trillion in entitlements.

    At the same time I favor abortions, gay rights, and civil rights (but not reparations). I’m opposed to illegal immigration but support increasing the quotas for legal immigration.

    What should be the weighting of these many political variables in a many-to-one scaling?

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    1. Hi Bob,

      Sounds like we probably have more in common than different. I think the best thing about such a quiz is that it makes us think about where we stand on such issues, and why.


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