Music Monday: Classic TV Theme Songs

Sometimes I can’t remember the name of people I met five minutes ago, but somehow I can sing all the lyrics to both the opening and closing theme songs from the Beverly Hillbillies, from 50 years ago.

And when I watched this video until the end, the memories came rushing back as I heard Daisy May say “This has been a Filmways presentation”.

I then thought it would be fun to put together a post about some of my other favorite TV theme songs. For this post, I’ve just included those songs whose lyrics I’ve got memorized; that’s why you won’t find Hawaii Five-O.  I also kept the post to six theme songs, but I’ll probably have at least one more post with a few more. These aren’t necessarily my favorite six theme songs, but they are among the first ones that came to mind as I started to write this post.

Mary Tyler Moore:

Gilligan’s Island: for this one, I have to admit I didn’t really know the words of the closing theme song. But there are a couple of fun facts. The scene at 17 seconds features Coconut Island in Hawaii, which is a short walk from downtown Hilo, Hawaii, and we had the opportunity to explore this past summer. The other fun fact is that my wife’s name is Mary Ann, and so in later years I always enjoyed the part of the song that mentions the Professor and Mary Ann…

And here’s one of the all-time classics, the Addams Family. And while there are no words to the closing song, I had forgotten all the cool sound effects that were part of that song (at least I thought they were cool 50 years ago, and well, I still do):

And who could forget Green Acres? I think I vaguely recall when I sued to watch the show that the country life looked more appealing, but today I’m with Eva Gabor – give me Park Avenue.

And here’s the theme song from a show some people may not be familiar with, The Courtship of Eddie’s Father. The dad in this show was played by Bill Bixby, who later played the role of Dr. David Banner in the TV show the Incredible Hulk. Bixby also played the role of Tim O’Hara on the show My Favorite Martian.

I hope watching these videos brought back some good childhood memories, and that you found yourself singing along with some, if not all, of the songs.

*image from MeTV

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