Another Exciting Friday Night at the Borden House

Some people may wonder what the King is doing tonight:

But not many people wonder what the Borden family does on a Friday night. Well here’s a glimpse, and you’ll see why. After pizza at my Aunt’s house where we watch Action News, ABC World News Tonight, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune, we head home and often sit around asking asking Alexa to play some of our favorite songs. When we’re finished with that, we might ask Alexa a math question or two. Our favorite involves factorials. In case you don’t remember what a factorial is, you pick a number and multiply it by all the numbers less than it, down to one. For example,

4 factorial is 4x3x2x1 =24;
6 factorial is 6x5x4x3x2x1 = 720

The cool thing about factorials is how quickly they grow. Here’s my son Pat asking Alex what 94 factorial is; be warned, it takes her over 100 seconds to finish her answer. There’s some numbers I’ve never heard of  like novemdecillion and septendecillion, when she gives her answer. Truly fascinating.

Then when we’re done with Alexa and our math lesson, it’s time for me to work on my blog. As I’ve written about before, sometimes I doze off while trying to write my blog, hence the gibberish that occasionally ends up in my blog.

One night my wife filmed me while I was writing my blog/nodding off:

So if you thought your Friday nights were boring, perhaps you need to reconsider.

Now there’s no need to wonder what the Borden family does on a Friday night…

photo from Nozbe

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