Why Did I Wait So Long?

I’m sitting here writing this post on my MacBook Air, which is my favorite computer to use (I also have an iMac desktop and my laptop from work).

But it’s the first blog I’ve written using my MacBook in six months.

Why the hiatus?

Procrastination, plain and simple.

My power adapter had stopped working, and even though I could have used my wife’s adapter, I kept telling myself that I would just buy a new one. But when I checked the price of a new one at the Apple Store, I was taken aback – $79.

So I thought I’d do a little shopping around on Amazon, but I was overwhelmed with the number of choices, and so I ended up doing nothing, and the Air just sat on my desk, collecting dust.

But then Father’s Day rolled around, and my three sons got together and sent me a very generous Amazon gift card, and suggested that I use part of it to get a new adapter.

So that’s what I did. I went back on Amazon, did some research, and finally decided to buy a new adapter. I ended up with an adapter made by Key Power; the reviews seemed quite good, and the price was only $39; half the price of the Apple branded adapter.

It was delivered yesterday, and the first thing I did was to charge up my MacBook. I was a little nervous that the adapter would not work, but it seemed to do just fine.

When the computer finally came back to life, it opened to a blog post from January 7 that I must have been working on when the battery gave out, and I had no charger.

So anyway, it’s nice to be back using my MacBook, and I’m grateful to my sons for giving me the push (and the money) to make it happen.

I just wish I hadn’t waited so long, but unfortunately, I know it won’t be the last time I do something like this.

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