Some Great Ads from Around the World, and a Villanova/Lego video

I came across a company that uses Twitter to post some of the most clever ads/packaging it has discovered. As often happens, I spent way too much time on the site, because there was always one more ad to look at.

So thank you to marketing_birds for the inspiration for today’s post, in which I thought I would just share some of my favorite ads that I came across.

Best pie chart ever


It’s all about the (toilet) paper


Trident gum -it’s like brushing your teeth


Clever ad for free wi-fi at a coffeehouse


Adidas turns a bus stop into a soccer goal


Great package for a single cupcake


Tabasco Hot Sauce – hot enough to pop corn


A clever 3-d ad for really strong glue


Toyota announcing sponsorship of tennis tournament


An old Volkswagen ad touting its safety award:


And some public service announcements:

homelessness awareness




texting and driving


Some clever ads no doubt.

Marketing Birds had posted a short video about Legos, which I thought I would share. And in a strange coincidence, a friend had just posted something about this to Facebook earlier today.

And while we’re on the subject of Legos, and trying to forget about Nova’s loss this past weekend, here’s a classic Lego re-enactment of last year’s amazing finish to March Madness:

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