My Lifescore

I first heard about the Lifescore Assessment survey from Suzy Taylor Oakley, a fellow blogger.

The Lifescore Assessment is a free online tool developed by Michael Hyatt that measures your progress in life’s most important areas. Michael is a New York Times bestselling author and the former CEO and Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers. His popular leadership blog and podcast help more than a million people a month win at work and succeed at life.

Here are the results of my survey, broken down into the 10 domains. The highest score you can earn is a 12 in each area, for a total possible score of 120.

Domain Your Score
Circle of
Spiritual 4
Intellectual 10
Emotional 12
Physical 12
Circle of
Marital 12
Parental 11
Social 7
Circle of
Vocational 6
Avocational 8
Financial 8
Your Overall LifeScore: 90

The survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete, and you get your score immediately afterward, along with a brief video explanation of your overall score from Michael. Michael has apparently prepared some canned videos based on a few different score ranges. I got to watch the video for those that fell into the 61-90 range. (I’m tempted to take the survey again and bend the truth ever so slightly so that I fall into the next range to see what Michael has to say in that video).

Domain scores between 1 and 3 are in the Struggling Zone. Scores between 4 and 6 are in the Frustration Zone. Scores between 7 and 9 are in the Success Zone. Scores between 10 and 12 are in the Transformation Zone. Michael offers an optional free seminar in which he explains the results even further, which I have not signed up for.

I had some concerns about the questions used in a couple of domains, but when I look at the overall results, I think they are fairly accurate, and give me a baseline to measure my progress against.


I’ve shared my results of several of these types of tests, such as the Kuder Career Survey test, the Myers-Briggs personality test, the Curiosity Survey, and a couple of surveys that estimated how long you would live.

I enjoy taking these kind of tests. If I don’t agree with the results, then I just conclude that the survey is not valid, and if I do agree with it, well it serves to confirm what I already knew. In other words, there’s nothing to lose from taking any of the surveys.

So what’s your Lifescore?

3 thoughts on “My Lifescore

  1. You scored higher than I did, Jim. Mine was 72, so I have some work to do. I’m glad you took the assessment and went to the trouble to write about it. I love seeing your results in each category. I look forward to completing my goal-setting sessions before 2017 starts. It’s gonna be a great year!


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