Stay in Touch – Courtesy of United Technologies


While I was in grad school at Carnegie-Mellon from 1979-1981, United Technologies ran a series of full-page ads in the Wall Street Journal that never mentioned UT or its products, but instead provided words of wisdom and inspiration. The ads stuck with me, and I recently tried to find the ads on the web. I was unsuccessful in my search, so I contacted the company, and a representative was kind enough to send me a full set of the ads. I am going to use this blog to post the ads on a periodic basis; here is the first one. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

These days,
our lives
are becoming
too impersonal;
too fragile.
should be
not allowed
to wither.
So why not
get in touch
with someone
you care about.
A high school
A neighbor from
your home town.
A former business
Your scout leader.
A childhood playmate.
A favorite teacher.
Your mother,
brother, aunt.
Make an effort.
Keep the people
who’ve been
important to you
a part of
your life.
Put this paper
down and pick up
a pen or a phone.
You’ll be glad
you did.

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