If You’re Going to Give a Hug, Make It Count

Let's see what science has to say. Researchers at Goldsmiths, London University, carried out two studies. In the first, participants hugged for one, five, or 10 seconds - with two different arm crossing styles and reported how pleasant, arousing, and under control the touch felt. They found that a hug lasting between five and ten … Continue reading If You’re Going to Give a Hug, Make It Count

If Only It Were That Easy

I've written before about my somewhat obsessive behavior of checking my WordPress stats way too frequently. A few people have been kind enough to offer some suggestions as to how to break the habit, but I think I may have found a possible solution. Every time I check my stats I will go to the … Continue reading If Only It Were That Easy

Life Design Class

Imagine taking college courses titled, "Bruce Springsteen's Theology", "Demystifying the Hipster", "What if Harry Potter Is Real", "Simpsons and Philosophy", and "Calvin and Hobbes". That could potentially be the greatest semester of my life. And while there is no one college offering all of those courses, those are all real courses that have been offered … Continue reading Life Design Class