“Hire Character, Train Skill.”

I just came across this expression today, but according to at least one web site, the saying has been printed on many posters. “Hire character, train skill” has been credited since 2005 to former Porsche CEO and motivational speaker Peter W. Schutz, but it’s uncertain when he first said it. Regardless of when it was … Continue reading “Hire Character, Train Skill.”

Did Dan Ariely Just Suggest Breaking the Law?

Dan Ariely, who writes my favorite biweekly Wall Street Journal advice column (he doesn't have much competition in that narrowly defined niche), offered some advice that some of the commenters suggested may be illegal. Here's the question, followed by Dan's answer: _________________________________ Many of my friends and co-workers say they care about voting, but their spotty … Continue reading Did Dan Ariely Just Suggest Breaking the Law?