She Sounded Like My Kind of Poet

I am not going to claim that I know much about poetry. I vaguely recall liking Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe, and the poetry of Ogden Nash and E. E. Cummings when I was in grade school. Beyond that, I don't think I could name one living poet. So when I heard of the … Continue reading She Sounded Like My Kind of Poet

Thanksgiving 2018

It was another wonderful Thanksgiving, getting a chance to spend time with family. I am grateful for such moments, and I always look forward to them. In honor of the holiday, I thought I would share this crowdsourced Thanksgiving poem I came across on NPR. Earlier in November, NPR asked its readers and listeners to … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2018

Some Thoughts about Poetry and Censorship

I'm not sure why, but last week a random thought about poetry popped into my head. It may have been triggered by hearing about a book that had been turned into a movie or was going to be turned into a movie. And I thought, 'I wonder if singers/composers/record companies ever buy the rights to poems with … Continue reading Some Thoughts about Poetry and Censorship