The Paradox of Last Place

We all (well, maybe not all) remember those dreaded gym classes when it was time for teams to be picked. If you weren't an athlete (nope), popular (nope), or good-looking (nope), you were going to be among the last ones selected. And you were just hoping you would not be THE last one selected. While … Continue reading The Paradox of Last Place

Foul: The Connie Hawkins Story by David Wolfe

About a week ago I wrote about my early attempts at blogging. My first venture into blogging involved creating a web site,, which would entail writing book reviews of sports-related biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs. The venture only lasted about two months and included just five book reviews. Since I want to get all of … Continue reading Foul: The Connie Hawkins Story by David Wolfe