“Who Works Out In Six Minutes?”

It's one of my favorite clips from the movie "There's Something About Mary". Ben Stiller picks up a hitchhiker, and his passenger begins to tell him about his idea for the next great exercise video = "7 Minute Abs". He tells Stiller that if someone goes into a store and sees a video for 8 … Continue reading “Who Works Out In Six Minutes?”

Nice Try, but You Can’t Blame the Calculator

A few days ago, an Oklahoma judge acknowledged that he was three decimal places off when he originally calculated the amount Johnson & Johnson should pay for its role in the state’s opioids crisis. The mistake came when he was assessing various costs to the state to deal with addiction and prevention issues stemming from … Continue reading Nice Try, but You Can’t Blame the Calculator

Accentuate the Positive

The Wall Street Journal had a fascinating story yesterday about how many companies are changing the way they evaluate their employees. Instead of focusing on employees' weaknesses and past mistakes, employers are now focusing on employees' strengths and offering them frequent praise. Why the change? Could it be that managers have finally figured out that positive … Continue reading Accentuate the Positive