It’s Been A While Since I Shared Some of the Real Estate Bargains Found in the Wall Street Journal

I’ve written several posts over the years that were based on stories from the real estate section of Friday’s Wall Street Journal, formally known as the Mansion section.

To get you up to speed again on what kind of houses are featured in the WSJ, here is a selection of headlines from the last two weeks; you may be able to click on some of the headlines to read the full story.

In case you were curious, I worked out what the monthly payment would be for Larry Ellison’s $173 million house, assuming he put 20% down and had a 30-year mortgage at an annual rate of 5%.


The monthly payment would be $742,961.13

But perhaps Larry would prefer to pay for the house upfront, in cash.

As the world’s tenth richest individual, worth an estimated $97.7 billion, Larry would still have $97.527 billion left over.

Perhaps he could buy me something in the $27 million range; he’d still be worth $97.5, a simple rounding-off error for him…


56 thoughts on “It’s Been A While Since I Shared Some of the Real Estate Bargains Found in the Wall Street Journal

  1. It’s unreal what those sprawling estates cost. And then there’s the regular upkeep, which must be very expensive. I know a guy named Chuck who owns a place like that. But I wouldn’t want to live next door to Charles’ Mansion.

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  2. I can’t imagine having that much wealth. Ellison and others make more than enough in interest and dividends to more than pay the mortgages on these properties or to buy them outright. These homes are just part of the collection of homes, villas and retreats that they own and may not even be their primary residences.

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    1. apparently buying homes is one of Ellison’s hobbies, albeit an expensive one…

      I just saw a fun fact about Ellison – in 2003, Steve Jobs was the photographer at Ellison’s fourth wedding…


  3. Hi Jim, interesting, I wouldn’t want to live in a house like that. I like my own house and it is very eclectic, just like me. I have the rather communist view that there should be a cap on individual wealth and anything over and above should go to the upliftment of the general population.

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    1. I like the location of the house, right on the water. But I also like eclectic, and I’ve become much more socialistic on my views over the years…


  4. thanks for this, I’ve been waiting for your list before I went ahead and purchased. honestly, I’d rather live in a little cottage by the woods and sea.

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      1. Capitalism in and of itself has some merit, I think, but the uber-capitalism we see today does not. It is the cause for many of the world’s ills, and is certainly 90% of the cause for the inflation everybody is whining about today. Sigh.

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  5. I have no words… except I’m happy in my little house overlooking rolling land, with a big pool, and neighbors who visit and would give you the shirt off their back. I think I have the real deal (except for snowblowing.)

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