I’ve Got a Lot of Questions

My wife and I were out walking our dog today and we passed by this house in our neighborhood.

My first thought was “why?”

Why would you park so close to your house?

The car looks like it is actually touching the brick wall that is right in front of it.

Did you do this on purpose, or were you not paying attention and you got much closer than you realized?

Why did you not back up the car a little bit once you got out and saw how close the car was to the house?

Were you trying to scare somebody inside who was watching you pull into the driveway?

Were you pulled so far up in the driveway so that other cars could pull in behind you? If so, hint – those cars are gone now.

Did the car at any point actually touch the house?

Were you trying to get the neighbors to talk about you (Success)

Were you hoping someone would take a photo? (Success)

Were you hoping someone would write a blog about it? (Success. And thank you)


80 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Lot of Questions

  1. Okay I literally laughed out loud when I read this post… coincidentally I am sitting next to my husband who is notorious for doing this… he doesn’t actually park right up to the garage (it definitely isn’t touching) but he tries to get it as close as possible… I don’t have an explanation… I could ask him but I feel like he’d give me some smart-a** answer so I will just assume he’s nuts LOL or he thinks it bothers me more than it does or he does it to try to get me to laugh… who knows! But yes, that’s my husband LOL

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  2. I’m going with this guy thought he might create enough of a stir to end up on your blog. It worked! The only thing better would be if he parked in front of your garage this close tomorrow.

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  3. Aren’t you glad you went on a walk at the right time so you could see this. He was probably trying to scare his wife. Tbis made me tbink of the episode on Everyone Loves Raymond and his Dad drives through their house. πŸ˜„

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    1. I forot about that episode – that was a classic! A perfect comparison to make here. I wonder how close this car came to makng that same mistake as Raymond’s dad…


      1. that was a fun series to watch, although I enjoyed King of Queens a bit more.

        I could walk up and ask them, and then be told it’s none of my business and to not write another single word about it…

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  4. The things we contemplate! My hub doesn’t park this close at home, but when we are out, he reverse parks as close to the post and the rear wall as possible – millimetres away. I always think he’ll hit but he hasn’t yet.
    Here’s another question about that car – was the garage door open or closed?

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    1. I also like to reverse park, but I don’t try to get as close as possible.

      And the house in question – there is no garage, the car was pulled up right to a brick wall and the family room wondow…

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  5. luckily you caught this in time! my guess is it is either a personal challenge (a chicken game between house and car), or someone has been mad at someone about not making space behind for other cars to park. this was a show of something -)

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  6. Is it in front of a garage? If so, maybe the garage door was open when the car was parked or they just needed room in the driveway for other vehicles. Maybe the neighborhood scuttlebutt will provide an answer.

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  7. I challenge you to go over and ask.
    People are weird – that’s my answer.
    The reasonable person in me wants to say that they probably had a large gathering and needed every inch of space for other cars to park. The cars are now gone, but I wouldn’t want to go out, start the car and back it up a foot. It makes more sense to just wait until you have to go somewhere. Of course, the reality of the situation is that someone probably wasn’t paying attention, got too close, and then never cared to back up.

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    1. they’ll probably tell me to mind my own business. but I agree, I think it is your last suggestion. They just got too close, and as long as it wasn’t touching the hosue, they figured they would just leave it there…

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  8. Maybe they were just trying to get internet famous?? They know you’re a blogger in their neighbourhood and maybe they were trying to get you to write about them??

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