I’m Getting Closer to World Domination

I plan to write a couple of posts about one of my favorite blogging topics – WordPress stats.

Tonight I’ll take a global look at where my blog has been read, and where it has not been read, over the past seven years.

The map above gives a nice overview of countries where someone, in a moment of weakness, has read my blog, as well as countries where cooler heads prevailed and they managed to avoid my blog.

At this point, there are only six countries where no one has read my blog

  • Central African Republic
  • Congo
  • Guinea Bissau
  • North Korea
  • Svalbard
  • Western Sahara

When I last checked my global stats back in August 2020, there were 12 countries on the above list, so I’ve made some progress.

I have actively tried to get at least one view from Svalbard, but to no avail. I’ll put a full-court press on this year. The other countries may be a bit more challenging.

Here is a list of the ten countries where I just have one view. I guess whoever it was didn’t like what they saw and haven’t visited again.

And to offer a balanced perspective, here are the 10 countries with the most views:

(A sharp-eyed viewer may note that there are 11 countries – I couldn’t leave Ireland off!)

I think 400,000 of the views from the United States are from yours truly…

102 thoughts on “I’m Getting Closer to World Domination

  1. I think if you were to write a series of posts about Svalbard, someone from that country is sure to give it a view. It’s a well-known fact that Svalbardians are very proud of their heritage, and will want to make sure you got your facts straight. So if you purposely include a few glaring errors, you might even draw an angry comment form one of them, as an extra feather in your cap.

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      1. Strangely my own blog had five hits from China within an hour of my mentioning the Ministry of State Security…coming soon, my history of Tiananmen Square.

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    1. hmmm…. that’s odd. I’ve got a bit over 2,000 view from China over seven years, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever gotten a comment from someone there. I have taught a few students from China, so perhaps that’s where my views are coming from…

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  2. We are at the mercy of WP’s definition of countries and the inability to zoom in on the map. I’m also missing Svalbard but it is part of Norway. The other countries I’m missing are Iran, Mauritania, and Western Sahara, which i didn’t even know was a country. I’m sure there are islands that won’t show on the WP map that haven’t been enlightened by any of my posts yet. It is surprising that China hasn’t forced WP to delete separate stats for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. I wonder how many views I’ve had in Tibet. Good luck in your quest for world domination.

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    1. I’ve got Iran (11 views) and Mauritania (2 views). For Hong Kong and Macau, my listing shows them as Hong Kong SAR China and Macau SAR China. I was wondering if Svalbard would simply be included as part of Norway, but I thought I remember reading about one blogger who claimed to have views from Svalbard. So it may be a futile quest to get Svalbard, but I’ll keep trying…

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      1. Maybe you could do a post on the most northerly settlements. Longyearbyen, population 2,400, on Svalbard is world’s northern most settlement that could be called a city. I also am missing DPRK. I won’t lose sleep if I don’t get it.

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  3. Getting your last six countries by the time you break Ripken’s record would be a drop microphone moment. Of course, if you get them all, the next thing you’ll want is two views from every country. You stats guys are never happy.😉

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      1. I’m afraid you’ll have to. But if Janet accounts for 43k of your views I’m pretty sure that I’ve taken more than 6 peeks at your blog, so maybe WP need to check their counting? Either that or Janet does…

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      2. Quite possibly. I think you should take them to court: Sidney Powell and Lin Wood could probably do with the work, and their track record is very good…


  4. Impressive stats, but it might be worth checking WordPress’ list of countries against the official UN definitions – though WP may think it runs the world, it doesn’t. Yet…

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      1. Don’t say that, you’ll put ideas into their head! I’ve just about got used to the Block Editor and I don’t think I could cope with more ‘improvements’…

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      2. I switched as it was becoming very difficult to work with the Classic Editor in Safari. After much moaning about it I was pleasantly surprised that it was much better than I expected.


  5. How do you actively try to get views from a country. I can’t get Greenland, and I’ve spent plenty of time reading and commenting on Greenlanders’ blogs. Mongolia, too, is a big frustrating hole.

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    1. I think it’s pure luck. I am going to try and look for Twitter accounts in Svalbard, and then if I write something about Svalbard, include them when I post my blog to Twitter. Somehow I got 6 views in Greenland last year…

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  6. I had a thousand views for my first 6 months on here and was amazed that many people would read my stuff. You however have crushed it so keep it up.
    My “fake news” newspaper collected 60 subscribers in the first 2 weeks which was astounding as I started writing it for no reason than I was feeling whimsical and now am working on issue 4.

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      1. Yeah I was gobsmacked to be honest. I really didn’t think I was altogether entertaining as I am somewhat political and have a strange sense of humour that many don’t get.

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      2. The fake news newspaper is seperate to my blog and I email it to those who want it. Just thought to point that out as I have 37 follows on here and 61 now for the paper, the pest controller who was here today just subscribed …. lol.

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    1. Dumbest Blogger had told me about your site and how you had written about this topic as well. That’s how I came across your blog. Thanks for the link to the Svalbard article – quite informative!

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  7. Your stats are mind-blowing, you’ve even got one from Kiribati which I only heard about last year when friends spent a weekend there after working in the Solomon Islands for a year. As regards Svarlvard why not just throw lots of tags at the bottom of all your articles, that way it’s bound to make it’s way to interested parties!

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