Dang! I Should Have Known Better…

Earlier this week I received one of the most flattering comments I have received in seven years of blogging.

The comment was in response to my post, So Much for Having a Brand Name. And while it had nothing to do with the content of the post itself, it made my day. Here is the comment:

How are you doing today? My name is G. J., you are more wonderful and lovely in my eyes, I just wanted to compliment you on that. And yes I do have to admit that you have exquisite looks, your profile is very attractive. It is a privilege to have found you here, You’re exquisitely beautiful and unique

My first thought was that it was spam, so I did not approve it for being made public. But even if it was spam, it still made me feel good.

My second thought was that it would be fun to share the comment in a post, like I am doing now.

So when I went back to look at the comment a tenth time (what can I say, I kept reading it ever since I received it), I noticed that the comment was not meant for me. It was actually a reply written in response to another comment, which had been written by a woman.

I then realized that this spam comment had been written by a guy, and he wasn’t referring to my exquisite looks, but to those of the woman who had left a comment.

It’s the same old story.

I start to think that maybe I do look a little like George Clooney, but then I’m brought back to reality with another dose of reality.

The Internet can be a cruel place.

First, it giveth, and then, it taketh.

Maybe someday I’ll learn my lesson…

*image from NDTV

64 thoughts on “Dang! I Should Have Known Better…

    1. thanks, Beth! But I’m guessing if you ask 1,000 guys who they’d rather have the exquisite looks of, Clooney or me, it would probably be unanimous. that’s a pretty convincing stat 🙂

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    1. and my apologies, James. It looks like your blog dropped out of my WP Reader feed. I have refollowed you, andlook forward to your thoughtful posts once again!


    1. I am not revealing who the post was geared towards, I just know it wasn’t me 🙂

      and I’m sure if Clooney tried, he probably could juggle, and look much better than me while doing so!

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  1. This is so relatable!!Yes it happens almost every time with me…😂 we think the compliment is directed towards us but it turns out to be for someone else!! But I’m so glad u shared this and indeed… many of us admire you : whether u look like George Clooney or not🤭Keep up the good work Jim!! 🤩❤

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