Graduates from College, Gets Fired From Five Jobs, Now Earns Several Million per Year. All by the Age of 26.

Of course, it should be obvious to everyone that I am talking about Ludwig.

What? You don’t know who Ludwig is?

That likely means you are over the age of 30.

I did not know who he was until earlier today when I read about how a hacker had broken into Twitch’s servers, and released data that revealed how much money some of the top streamers make on Twitch.

Don’t know what Twitch is? Again, you must be over 30. Here is how Wikipedia describes it:

Twitch is an American video live streaming service that focuses on video game live streaming, including broadcasts of esports competitions. In addition, it offers music broadcasts, creative content, and more recently, “in real life” streams.

Since I am over the age of 30, I can’t claim to know exactly what Twitch does, even after reading that brief description. If someone asked me to define it, I would say Twitch allows people playing a video game to let others watch them play that video game. So in a nutshell, it is a platform to let you watch other people play video games.

Back to Ludwig.

He is very popular on Twitch, and apparently, that translates to money, and lots of it.

Here is some background on Ludwig from Wikipedia

He graduated cum laude from Arizona State University with a dual degree in English Literature & Journalism and Mass Communication in 2017. After graduating, Ahgren applied for jobs in New York and Los Angeles. He accepted a job offer in LA for a position as a web editor, and he packed up and moved all the way across the country in a rented Toyota Camry. He ended up getting fired from each of the five jobs he held in LA. After being fired the fifth and final time, he elected not to look for a new job and instead committed to streaming on Twitch full-time, something he had been doing part-time for some time but was not yet making a great amount doing.

He has 2 million followers on Twitch and as of July 2020 had at least 20,000 subscribers to his channel. Subscribers are people who pay a monthly fee to support the streamer. (from The Loadout)

So what does all this mean in terms of income for Ludwig?

Well, according to the hacked report, between August 2019 and October 2021 Ahgren has earned $3,290,777.55 directly through Twitch, ranking him 6th place in earnings for that period.

And that’s just one source of revenue.

Ludwig also has 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube, which can translate into a substantial income. In addition, he has been featured in some advertising and has launched his own clothing line.

By the way, Ludwig turned 26 on July 6.

So for all you writers reading this, stop writing, and start playing video games…

*image from LiveStreamFails

69 thoughts on “Graduates from College, Gets Fired From Five Jobs, Now Earns Several Million per Year. All by the Age of 26.

      1. I think the 26 year old Ludwig may not be as well known a those other Ludwigs, but he makes a lot more money than either one. Although this Drake guy does have the power of Disney behind him…

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  1. Okay, what can we say about job performance then? I know, genius may not conform but creativity doesn’t stop there. Now let me think, Bill Gates didn’t go back to Harvard to finish his degree. Larry Page and Sergey Brin didn’t finish their Ph.D. at Standford. Steve Jobs enrolled in Reed College in Portland, but only took classes he liked. What do we say about that?

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  2. As usual, I don’t know what’s going on in the world of young people. I can say I was never fired from any job, but where did that get me? 🤣 I don’t begrudge this guy for creating his own path and finding a way to get rich quickly.

    This reminds me of one of my former roommates who got evicted from our apartment shortly after I moved out. (He subleased the apartment out to someone else.) Fast forward many years, and he has been managing the apartments for the past two decades. I just heard that the owner recently passed and had no family to leave his assets to. My friend, the former evictee, now owns the same complex that he once was booted from.🤣

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  3. Give up writing and play video games. Haha! Do you know how bad I am at video games? My kids loved laughing at me when they were younger and I tried to play Mario Kart with them.
    I will stick to writing and be content about not being a millionaire. 🙂
    I do hope that if he has that much money now….that we don’t read about him being bankrupt at age 30! Making money is only half of it, if you don’t know how to be wise with it, it can say goodbye quickly!

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    1. yes, I hope Ludwig manages his money well. And I think playing video games sounds a bit more fun than writing, even though I am equally bad at both…


  4. Why would you want to watch! My tiny insight into video games has been enhanced now son and daughter-in-law live with me. Son plays Xbox on line with three friends from his teen years, he’s 36 now, As a team they play against others and all living far apart they have a good chat and keep in touch, that is their relaxation, not television! Snippets of these action games get recorded and I get invited to have a look – after one minute I feel dizzy watching!

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    1. my one son also plays video games online, and it seems like a fun way to interact with your friends who may be scattered geographically. The games are all a bit too fast paced for me…

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  5. Who knew having a fan club could be so profitable? I have never completely understood the draw for the spectators. For me it is like I showed up at the arcade with a pocketful of quarters so I could feed the machines and pay to watch others play. But to be honest, how far apart from this is professional sports?

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    1. I don’t watch much television, but I was flicking through channels the other day, and I saw something just like this. Not only could you watch someone playing the game, but there were commenters. That’s exactly like the sports analogy.

      You might appreciate this, Brad. I once went out with an attractive girl (in my college days), and all she wanted to talk about was her love for video games. I was so bored; there was no second date. Of course, she probably told her friends, “You wouldn’t believe the loser I went out with. He didn’t know anything about video games.”

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      1. I’m glad you addressed the dating example to Brad, since I think I went on a total of two dates in college 🙂

        I think some guys would have been thrilled to find a girl who loved to talk about video games 🙂

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  6. Doesn’t this just typify one of the things so wrong with the world today? ‘Earning’ truck loads of cash for something like this? The world is going to hell in a handcart…

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    1. maybe it’s not too late. find a job now, find a way to get fired, and then get into gaming. although it may be a hard time to get fired, given how desperate companies are to find employees…

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  7. Well, I’m really out of it. It took me awhile even to realize that Ludwig and Ahgren were the same person. Getting fired five times in two or three years is pretty amazing because that means he was hired four times after being fired from those previous jobs. The guy must talk a really good game. Twitch’s revenue sharing model is nothing like WP. Does intelligence rise (or fall) at age 30 or do people actually start to have a life? Whatever, some know how to take advantage of the young.

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    1. that is quite a feat to get hired after being fired so many times. I guess he had reached his limit and started looking for something else to do. And I am sure Amazon, the owner of Twitch, is the one making the most money…

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  8. Those employers must have been desperate. I’m sure you are right about Amazon. Have any of your business school colleagues studied (or maybe even teach classes about) the enormous sums being made with seemingly little effort from things like Twitch? It seems unfair and even a little scary to me.

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  9. Doesn’t that make you sick! I think my grandson may have been watching something like that one day when he was here. He said he was watching someone play videos games. How exciting, I thought – almost as exciting as watching paint dry. Perhaps if there’s money it, I could start streaming games of Solitaire. 🤣 (I don’t actually play Solitaire any more.)

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    1. well maybe now you have a reason to start playing Solitaire; you never know, there could be an audience for it. It would be very calming to watch… 🙂


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