It’s Time For Another Pinkcast.

In this episode, Dan Pink shares three tips from  Erica Dhawan, author of the new book Digital Body Language, about how to write more effective emails, ones that people will actually read.

Tip Number One: Break long emails into two parts. The top part offers a quick summary and then the rest of the email provides the details.

Tip Number Two: If trying to get the recipient to make a decision, don’t write open-ended questions like “Thoughts?” or “What do you think?”. Instead offer choices, such as, “Do you prefer A, B, or C?”

Tip Number Three: Use acronyms. A few suggested by Dhawan were: WINFY (What I Need From You), NNTR (No Need to Respond), and ROM (Respond on Monday).

I plan to try these tips with my students this Fall.

But in the meantime, WINFY is to choose one of the following:

  • A – best blog post ever
  • B – best blog post ever
  • C – best blog post ever

42 thoughts on “ITFAP

  1. I’ll agree with the first two tips, but I disagree with the one suggesting we use acronyms. Many acronyms leave people stumped (including me). And then I’m responding with, “WTF?”

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  2. Acronyms don’t necessarily foster clear communication. lol (lots of love or laugh out loud) is an example. WINFY sounds a little bossy even when addressing a subordinate. WINFY makes it sound like the recipient is just there to satisfy the needs of the writer – end of discussion. How about just asking directly but politely? Maybe even use the P word “please.” The other tips are good ones.

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  3. I have two tricks for emails. Be concise, showing respect for the time of the reader. And be clear when a response is expected. Beyond that simply be polite. As for my vote, I choose “Q”!

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