Music Monday: The Sounds of Small-Town America on the 4th of July

Our town’s annual 4th of July parade was back in action this past weekend, after being canceled last year.

It’s your classic parade, firetrucks, fancy cars (mainly Mustangs, which happen to be my favorite), kids on bikes, and music. A wide variety of music.

Here are a few short clips of the various musical acts that were part of the parade, in order of appearance.

This first one is not really music, but it is a classic sound from the parade.

Next, we have some dancing and drumming. This group comes every year, and they never fail to entertain.

After a cameo by Santa, we have our first Mummers string band, with the leader out doing the Mummer strut. The Mummer’s Parade is a true Philly original, every New Year’s Day.

This next group was the first time I remember them performing in the parade. They were a nice addition; great costumes and singing.

Not really sure what this was all about, but it added to the fun.

The second Mummers band, once again led by someone doing the mummer’s strut.

And nothing like closing with some bagpipes…

I love the variety of musical styles that are represented in such a small parade.

The parade is always one of my favorite parts of the 4th of July, not just for the parade, but the chance to catch up with some neighbors.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable 4th!

43 thoughts on “Music Monday: The Sounds of Small-Town America on the 4th of July

  1. What a happy feeling this parade gives off! Thanks for sharing. So Santa came to check up on an Elf of his, eh? 🙂
    Always enjoy bagpipes and I liked the colorful dresses and dance in the 2nd video.

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    1. there is usually a picnic afterward, and there is often a juggler there, but this year they scaled back to just having the parade. They must have offered Santa a lot of money to come down from the North Pole…

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  2. A fun parade with a nice variety of performers. Knowing that mummers are a tradition from here I was intrigued at your reference to it being a Philly tradition, so I looked it up on Wikipedia (without editing). Sure enough, there it was, with a link to Mummers Plays, which have been going for centuries here in one form or another. I was taken with this line, though:

    ‘Mumming spread from the British Isles to a number of former British colonies’

    Interesting that one of those former colonies includes it in the day celebrating its independence from us 😂


    1. I never knew about it being a British tradition; if I had to guess, I would have guessed French, since it reminds me a bit of Cabaret and La Cage aux folles.

      So thank you for the history lesson; I can’t wait to pull this out on New Year’s Day while the Philly area is immersed in the Mummers’ Parade.

      By the way, just listened to State Lines by the Shires – wonderful! She’s got a great voice…

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      1. It has links with our Morris Dancing – traditional celebrations and entertainments. I’ve seen Steeleye Span in concert many times, and on one occasion they had mummers dancing on stage to several of their songs, so it’s still alive here!

        Glad you liked State Lines. Crissie Rhodes does indeed have a great voice.

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  3. Loved this Jim! Entertaining and it was great to see everyone out together after the year we have had! Looks like you had a great spot from which to view the festivities.

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    1. Do you mean the costumes if the Mummers? That’s just the way they dress. Apparently the idea of mummers goes all the way back to Ancient Greece. And it got its start in Philly over 240 years ago.

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  4. That you even have a parade is a miracle these days but yours was great fun to watch. Interesting variety as you say and a lot of talent. Thank you for sharing.

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