“Additional Testing Revealed Giardia”

The headline comes from a part of a press release issued by NBC/Universal related to the network having to shut down production of the Ultimate Slip ’N Slide series after up to 40 crew members contracted giardia.

Now some of you may know what giardia is, but I had never heard of such a condition.

It is also sometimes called beaver fever (another phrase I’ve never heard of). after hikers at Banff National Park in Canada became ill from drinking stream water contaminated with giardia from beavers.

Giardia is usually contracted from getting fecal-infested water in your mouth.

Disgusting? Most certainly.

So perhaps you may have heard of the more common name for this disease – explosive diarrhea. Once you’ve heard that phrase, you’re not likely to forget it.

After reading the press release, you can imagine what the contestants were slipping and sliding through.

Universal said that the outbreak occurred seven weeks into shooting, only five days before wrapping.

The show is scheduled to have its premiere on Sunday, August 8, in a time slot right after the Tokyo Olympics.

I hope they finish the filming in time for the scheduled debut, because I’ve heard the producers are planning for an explosive ending…

79 thoughts on ““Additional Testing Revealed Giardia”

  1. I’m just wondering, can you be arrested for boarding a plane, while ill with explosive diarrhea? I think that could bring a plane down.

    When I first read the expression, “beaver fever,” I crossed my legs. Then I read what it actually refers to, and felt a little at ease.

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  2. I’m curious about the show. It sounds like it might have something to do with how fast you can go on a slip ‘n slide. That sounds like it might be fun to watch a couple of times, but there must be more to it than that. I doubt that I’ll remember giardia, but who could forget “beaver fever” or “explosive diarrhea?”

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  3. Look how much attention you get with “explosive diarrhea”! Writing this I realized that diarrhea should be in every spelling bee 🙂 Back to the topic at hand, we have experienced Giardia first hand many years ago. Not fun and involves a long treatment with antibiotics if i remember correctly. I never heard of the show though, so I’ll go look it up. Thanks for the morning chuckle!

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      1. we were tested with:


        fortuantely, except for the silent p and e near the beginning, you spell it just like it sounds 🙂

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      2. I was in the bright boys stream so we were given it whether we wanted it or not! I rather enjoyed it, even though we all had the official rhyme in our notebooks:

        Latin is a a language,
        As dead as dead can be.
        It killed the Ancient Romans,
        And now it’s killing me.

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      3. It kind of stays with you! I think we were unusual in learning it in a state school – it tended to be the province of those whose parents paid for their education. The types who go on to ru(i)n the country.

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    1. I would imagine giardia is not a fun experience…

      I have not heard of this show easier; it sounds kind of goofy…

      And yes, diarrhea is a challenging word to spell. But my guess if I got such a word as a 12 year old I would start laughing and not be able to spell it…

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  4. Fortunately, Jim, I’m drinking coffee! Oops, it’s made from water. I hope there are no beavers in the Prescott City water source. I’m starting to feel a little off. …

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      1. LOL! I didn’t die yesterday or go explosive, so I’m back at the coffee! Or my memory is just bad and I forgot about at the possibilities of drinking brown water. 🙂

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      2. Actually, me too! Beaver water would not be a fun place to be. BTW, I saw a post of yours on Sally’s site. Congratulations. 🙂 You’re famous! 🙂

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      1. I haven’t seen those, but read about them in the paper. It was interesting to see the ones who deposed Netanyahu being described by him as left wing when by anyone else’s definition they are far right!

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