Music Monday: It’s Way Too Easy…

This is a follow-up to a post I wrote back in December, 2019: Punk Rock with a Message

I can’t say I know much about punk rock, but it is cool being friends with the lead singer and guitarist of a punk rock band.

I’ve written about Bud Drago before; he is a fellow faculty member at Villanova, and was a member of a London punk rock band going back to the late 70s. Bud has continued to write and produce music for the past 40 years, most recently with his sons.

Well, Bud’s band Freeze Time just released its latest single earlier this month: It’s Way Too Easy.

It’s a nice bouncy tune with some thought-provoking lyrics (lyrics appear below the video).

It’s way too easy
To regret what you haven’t done
To stay awake at night
Thinking you’re the only one

It’s way too easy
To lament choices, we didn’t make
Instead of the hard way
Learning from our mistakes

Would any path have been?
Better or Worse?
We just don’t know
Would we have been last or first?

It’s way too easy
To say it’s out of our grasp
Instead of the tough way
Living in the now, not in the past             

It’s way too easy
To think back instead of ahead
To lose all hope
And face the future with dread

No matter how we endeavor
The sky above us goes on forever
Chances as many as the ocean is deep
If we learn to live presently

Would any path have been?
Better or Worse?
We just don’t know
Would we have been last or first?

As you can tell, Bud is still rocking out after 40 years. He has written well over 400 songs, a sign that he is truly passionate about his music. Despite the pandemic, Bud just keeps on rockin’…

It’s also wonderful that his sons are now part of his music, and are quite accomplished musicians themselves.

If you are interested, you can watch Bud perform live (virtually) on February 28 from 10-noon from the Kelly Center.

By the way, some of you may be happy to know that Bud is a big fan of the Monkees (and Paul McCartney)…

34 thoughts on “Music Monday: It’s Way Too Easy…

  1. Thanks Jim – For the Feb 28th gig – you can watch it virtually OR you could actually go to the Cafe – The Kelly Music Cafe has a wonderful story behind it as it was founded as a way to get developmentally disabled individuals into the work force.
    Lastly, our new single, It’s Way Too Easy, has been airplay on Delaware public radio! thanks again for the write up!
    Other music from Freeze Time:
    You’ve Got To Be Thankful – iTunes, Spotify, Amazon
    When Was The Last Time? Amazon, Spotify, iTunes
    Forgotten Jewels – – Amazon, iTunes, Spotify

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    1. I’ve watched a few concerts online from Kelly; it does have a wonderful mission. That’s great that your song is getting airplay – it’s a good one!


  2. I like the sound and the lyrics. The lyrics speak to the futility of second-guessing our lives, which is a message I agree with. If only I had learned that lesson long ago.

    That’s pretty cool that one of your co-workers is so talented.

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  3. I like the beat of Bud’s songs. Pretty cool to be producing music with his sons. It looks like you’ve found your new calling when you retire, Jim.

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  4. I enjoyed this track. Classic power chord punk! The lyrics are pure poetry and provide a positive perspective of leaving the past behind and looking ahead. Bud’s talent and passion for music is obvious and likely impossible to keep from bubbling over onto his sons. It is nice to see them together making music they all love. I hope they continue to see great success!

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  5. I hadn’t heard of Bud before, so I just Googled him. Apparently that band he was in was called Scissor Fits, but they only lasted for a short time. He was their drummer, so it looks as though he has taken the Dave Grohl route. The only punk era band I really liked was The Clash, but I might be biased as I went to school with one of them. It’s good to see Bud keeping the tradition going, and by making his own band members – that’s good long term planning 😉

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    1. Hi Clive,

      yes – scissor fits – we had our day in the sun you might say. eventually, one of the guys went on to manage the soft boys – two of whose members went on to form Katrina and the waves – walking on sunshine!
      Check out our music on youtube – just put in Freeze Time Top Tracks – or spotify apple music etc! Thank you for your comments.

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      1. Hmm…that is true, so I do know someone famous. And you are a Professor who blogs so that makes you kind of famous too. I mean I thought Accountants just dealt with boring numbers all day. 😉

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