Poetry in Numbers


An Elfchen (also known as an elevenie) is a short poem with a given pattern. It contains eleven words which are arranged in a specified order over five rows. The typical structure of an elfchen is as follows:

Row Words Content
1 1 A thought, an object, a color, a smell, or the like
2 2 What does the word from the first row do?
3 3 Where or how is the word of row 1?
4 4 What do you mean?
5 1 Conclusion: What results from all this? What is the outcome?

Writer’s block
Page is blank
Just put something down


The structure of a traditional haiku is always the same, including the following features:

  1. There are only three lines, totaling 17 syllables.
  2. The first line is 5 syllables.
  3. The second line is 7 syllables.
  4. The third line is 5 syllables like the first.

Blogging should be fun
But some days, not so easy
Result is nonsense 


A limerick is a form of verse, usually humorous and frequently rude, in five-line, predominantly anapestic meter with a strict rhyme scheme of AABBA, in which the first, second and fifth line rhyme, while the third and fourth lines are shorter and share a different rhyme.

There once was a teacher who wrote
But ne’er produced a thing of note
His thoughts he tried hard to gather
But all that came out was blather
Alas, he’d never be called the GOAT

Six-word story

Agreed. Not much of a blog.



40 thoughts on “Poetry in Numbers

  1. 😂
    It was entertaining, didn’t know you were such a poet!
    My posts on Friday’s used to be called 6 word stories. But you know me, I don’t like numbers or counting! LOL! They kept being longer so I just changed the title! 🙂

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      1. This is how it all starts, my friend. By next month, you’ll be throwing in poetry webinars with each new purchase of tires.🤣

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  2. I am so proud, Mr. Q! You have presented four different forms of poetry with a delightful example of each in an original poem. It is not as hard as I make it look, is it? You have brought your world of numbers into the home of poetry. Let me bring a little poetry into your home of numbers:

    Elevenie (Elfchen)

    Love numbers
    Maybe too much
    But they do have


    Counting is too hard
    Tax time looms, circling vultures
    Feasting on the earned


    There once was a number-crunching bloke
    Who saw that numbers were no joke
    I was worried about taxes, but then
    With the magical wave of his pen
    He convinced the taxman I was broke

    Six Word Story

    This is the best post ever!

    Bravo, my friend!

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  3. I’ll be honest. Six words story is the only thing I get. Getting instruction on how to write is too painful for me. I’m too stubborn to swallow anything than my way 😂 I love your poem and haiku though 😁

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