Reader’s Choice – Choose Your Own Adventure

I was browsing through the Study Finds web site, seeing if there might be something worth writing about, and I was just overwhelmed by the number of possible topics. So rather than pick one and offer my take on the study, I thought I would just share a few headlines and let you pick which one you may want to read.

Of course, if none of them interest you, just hit the like button and get back to whatever you were doing.

There you have it.

I’ll be checking my stats all night and tomorrow to see which of these studies, if any, people clicked on…

39 thoughts on “Reader’s Choice – Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. “‘Loners’ play important role in evolution, serve as nature’s insurance policy (I always knew I had a role to play…)”

    This was EXACTLY what I had in mind when the pandemic hit. There were friends who were pulling their hair out from the lockdowns, then there were people like me who were thriving from the isolation. And that’s when it hit me. Loners like me could help the species get through tough times like nuclear fallouts or famine (provided my body survives first). Thanks for the share, Jim!

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  2. I clicked on the fake smiles tricking your brain piece. I’m a bit skeptical as I think our brains can “see” through that smokescreen.

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  3. I’ve heard that about smiling before.
    Even if it doesn’t work, it cheers up the people you’re smiling at (although i suppose that depends how well you can fake the smile: sincere or eerie?)

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  4. jim, I love your adult version of choose your own adventure! I picked the college student/phone one. no surprise at all, I just love interesting words, and this had to have one

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  5. I clicked on the loners. Fascinating article even if I can now liken myself to slime. I knew about the power of smiling and I agree with it. I think that people get hung up on the “fake” part of it and are missing the point. Fake is the wrong word to use here: it’s forcing yourself to smile that will make it a second nature just like any other habit at its beginning.

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  6. My sister and I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure books when we were young. 🙂

    I chose the smartphone one. I learned a new word. 🙂
    It really is crazy how dependent we have become on our phones. I am guilty of it for sure! I am on my phone much more than the computer. I am mainly on the computer to write posts and thats about it.

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  7. I’ll leave the clicking to others, especially the one that takes Gandhi’s habits to a new dimension. And I don’t think a Rolex would be as effective as toilet paper, unless your derrière wanted to know the time…

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      1. His health regime included drinking his own urine – an early form of social distancing, as his breath must have been awful!

        I’ve never ‘aspired’ to a Rolex, happy with my Apple Watch 😊

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      2. that would be an effective form of social distancing.

        And yes, to me there is no comparison between a Rolex and an Apple Watch – I’ll take the Apple Watch every time…

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  8. This is a fun post, Jim. When I was young, about nine years old, we used to read a series of books called Choose your own adventure. Each chapter ended with a choice and then you moved on to a new section until the end. The you went back and selected the other choice to see what would happen in those circumstances. I loved those books.

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