My Name Is Borden. Jim Borden.

Odds are this is something that only bothers me, and I know it’s kind of petty, but maybe it’s something James Bond could relate to. Just like he could relate to my good looks. But anyway, I’ve got to get it off my chest because it happens somewhat frequently.

My email address is james.borden and so by default, my name at the top of an email shows up as James Borden. I don’t think there’s a way to change that.

However, when I send an email, I always end it with something like “Kind regards, Jim”, or “Sincerely, Jim”.

I’ve never once signed an email as James.

Yet many times when I get a reply to an email that I’ve sent, it will be addressed as “Dear James”.

Now I like the name James, a lot. In fact, that is the name of our oldest son, and that is what we call him. However, I’ve always gone by Jim.

So when I get a response to an email that I’ve sent where I have clearly signed it as Jim, and the person writes back calling me James, to me it shows a lack of attention to detail.

Did the person read the entire email? Did they not notice that I signed my email as Jim, and that most likely means that’s what I go by?

When I send an email, I always try to address the person by whatever name they use to sign their email. So if someone with an email address that starts with Katherine signs her email as Kate, then that is how I will address her. If she doesn’t formally sign off and just has a default signature, then I will refer to her as Katherine until I find out otherwise.

It seems pretty simple, just common courtesy, basic email etiquette.

So maybe I’ll increase the font size of “Jim” to three times the size of the text of the body of the email when I sign off.

But then maybe people will start calling me “Big Jim”…

And here’s a fun little clip for you Jim James Bond fans…


*image from Express

P.P.S. Then there’s a whole group of people who call me by my nickname – Quincy. But that’s a story for another day…

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  1. Now I’m confused. You said you go by Jim, the name you formally sign your emails with. Then you finished this post with a clip that repeatedly says, “My name is Bond, James Bond.” So which are you? Or was that a bondage video I just watched? Stupid memory. I’ll have to go back and watch it again.

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      1. No, I’m not a Bond movie fan. I haven’t seen a James Bond movie since I was a kid. On the other hand, my brother has seen every Bond movie that’s been made. He’s the one to ask that question.

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  2. Do you like your vodka martinis shaken or stirred? Its weird that Bond is a “secret agent” who almost always uses his real name, and takes great delight in doing so. I wonder what Bond would have done if anyone called him Jim? 🀣 Can you change your email address, or would that just confuse people?

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    1. Yes, it is odd that a secret agent would use his real name. I also read that it is unrealistic that he would be so good looking, because he would be easy to remember. I think Bond would have had the issue fixed immediately. I don’t think I can change my email address, it’s given to me by the University…

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  3. I have no such problem, for I’m Jill … just plain ol’ Jill. But now, I eagerly await the story of “Quincy”. I know you’re a professor, so you’re not an M.E. .. πŸ€” 🀷

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  4. I ‘ll have to ask my oldest brother about this as his given name is James, but everyone calls him Jim. I don’t ever remember anyone calling him James.

    Speaking of names, I’ve heard every Jerry Springer joke in the world. You can’t imagine how many times I’ve been asked if I’m related to him. They are never asking seriously and think they’re witty. They don’t know who they’re dealing with, though. I can turn anything into a game. Sometimes I reply with my most deadpan effort, “Yes, he’s my cousin,” and walk away, leaving them wondering. What’s more fun than pulling somebody’s chain?

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    1. your cousin is Jerry Springer!!?? πŸ™‚

      why is this just coming out now?

      It’s a good thing your parents didn’t name any of you Jerry – you’d probably have to deal with it every day…

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  5. Jim, your blog post made me laugh. My name is Robbie, most unusual for a girl. In fact, I have never met another female Robbie. My work email is robbie.cheadle. I always get addressed as Mr Cheadle. My husband works at the same firm as I do and he asked me to change my email sign off to Robbie Cheadle (Mrs). This was because I occasionally [and only when its well deserved] send a stern email to the school telling them they need to improve on something. They always respond Dear Mr Cheadle … it drives him crazy. Changing my email sign off MADE NO DIFFERENCE! No one reads your sign off. Even saying Hi, this is Michael’s mother, hasn’t changed the mode of address. It is hilarious. And then they meet me in person at a parent’s evening … haha, you should see their faces!

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    1. So is Robbie a nickname for Roberta?

      That is funny that you get addressed as Mr. Cheadle.

      And I guess your case proves that no one reads your sign off, or apparently your opening line either!

      I am sure they are a bit surprised when they meet you in person. Hopefully after that they address you correctly in an email…


  6. so funny. sometimes people will use a formal name unless they know you personally, but the fact that you are signing off ‘jim’ should be a sign to them.

    my name is truly beth, but many refuse to believe it and ask, ‘is it really elizabeth, betsy, betty, bethany?’, no, just beth. (and of course a story behind that). my nickname is peaches, so go figure. p.s. i do like james bond movies.

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    1. I need to watch a few more Bond movies; I’ve liked every one I’ve seen.

      Have you written before about why you are “just Beth” – or where your nickname comes from?

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  7. I understand where you are coming from here and I agree that it seems a lack of attention to detail or poor email etiquette. My work email uses my first name, but everything is signed with Brad, which is my middle name and what I have been called all my life. When someone responds and addresses me by my first name, I feel a complete disconnect. I haven’t found a solution yet, but I hope you do! Really connected with this, my friend! Well written!

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      1. It’s my own fault they don’t. My author name is James, so it’s hard to easily distinguish. But when called Jim I definitely correct everyone. That was my dad! Not me. I’m the 4th my same exact name in line. Lol.

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  8. Now, James, about these identity issues of yours…

    It’s much easier when your parents chose a name for you which doesn’t have shorter forms. But I agree that it is only polite to return an email by addressing the recipient by the version of their name that they use.

    As for Quincy, is that because you are a talented musician and producer, or because you run around dementedly and dogmatically proving that you’re never wrong? I think we should be told…

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    1. I’ve got a few issues – this is a relatively minor one! πŸ™‚

      I don’t run around the world proving that I’m never wrong, but I do run around the house like that sometimes…

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  9. My grandfather’s name was James but Grandma didn’t like any variation and always called him J. My father, brother, cousin, nephew and younger son all have James as their middle name – the name goes back for many generations! For the record I like James best… but don’t worry, I will always call you Jim.

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    1. That’s nice to have such a family tradition with the middle name. I do like the name James, but I think when I was younger since everyone called me Jim or Jimmy, James just did not sound right. It seems to fit our oldest son however…


  10. Were we not just talking about names yesterday? LOL!
    A poor blogger just asked me recently what I want to be called foe she sees so many different names on my blog. She thought my name was Joy. I just like to confuse people. πŸ™‚
    “Quincy?” From the show Quincy? I do believe you need a post about that!

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  11. I’m sorry Jim but the moment I “james.borden” my mind immediately turn it into James Bond haha πŸ˜€
    Maybe your email corresponded got the same thing happening in their head. They get so occupied with James at the address they overlook your signature.
    Although I really understand you. This happen to me too. What’s worse is that both my email and my signature clearly says “Larsen” but this annoying publishing editor keep replying to me “Ms. Larson” I settled with “I don’t care” but he once or twice says “Larsen” then back to Larson for 5 months!… Sigh, I’m damn happy when I was done dealing with him, because I really want to call him out for a fight if I had to deal with him a week more.

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    1. You would think of all people an editor would get such details correct. And I think I remember a while ago you writing a post asking people what you think you should be called – Jess or Jessica or Jessie, but I can’t remember what the results was…


      1. Right? The fact that he was an editor makes it extra annoying.
        Oh that post? It’s about Jessie or Jessica. There’s nothing much comes out of it. I’m keeping Jessica because I’m already using it in the writing community, but I’ll also be using Jessie for some other writing later πŸ™‚

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  12. I’m with you Jim, I do the same with emails. Sadly, though, many people don’t even check the correct spelling of a person’s name. That one always gets me. πŸ™‚ Oh, and, I’d be interested in the story of Quincy. I’m sure it has much to do with your letter Q in your blog name. πŸ™‚

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    1. It’s funny you should comment because your name is one I always go back to your about page to see what is the correct way to spell Debby, since it seems like there are so many versions. And you are observant – the Q in my blog is for Quincy! πŸ™‚

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      1. I guess that makes us observant people Jim. I’m like you, if I’m uncertain of a spelling, I make it a point to look it up before writing it wrong. You have no idea how many spell my name wrong – both first and last. Ya 4 tiny letters in my last name that seems to confuse people LOL πŸ™‚

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