What’s Wrong With My Fingers?





The above typos are examples of how the timing of my typing is off ever so slightly. And I did not pick those words at random. I would guess that I type the words becuase because and jsut  just incorrectly 95% of the time. In fact, while I was just typing that previous sentence, I typed both words incorrectly the first time. The odds just seem so slim of the same mistake happening on the same words over and over.

I also have been having the following problem lately:





I must not be hitting the space bar correctly, since I’ve noticed a lot of words being joined togethe as I type, sometimes up to three or four words with no spaces in between them. Now this one could be a keyboard problem, with the space bar perhaps requiring a bit more pressure than I am used to giving. But given that I make the other keyboard errors, I am guessing the space bar issue is a human problem, and not a mechanical one.

I also don’t know what I can do to correct these issues besides type more slowly. Fortunately, the built-in spell check or Grammarly usually catches such errors.

Such errors often make me think about how bad I would probably be at playing the piano, where messing up your finger timing would be much more problematic.

Hats off to someone like George Winston, who seems to be able to play a full piano concert without making a single mistake. He must be a heckuva typist as well…

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  1. Maybe you’re typing so fast, your brain is getting ahead of your fingers. Try slowing your brain down. If that doesn’t work, try speeding your fingers up. If that doesn’t work, try inventing a new dialect of the English language.

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    1. I’ll go with the last option.

      I’m also thinking of giving a name to my style of typing: “Borden’s Fingers”.

      I might also submit it for consideration as an official medical condition for when your fingers won’t type what your mind is telling them to type…

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    2. I think this is the very likely culprit. The fingers not being able to cope with the brain’s speed, thereby hitting the wrong keys. Or keyboard. I reckon you should get your keyboard cleaned or get a new one.

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      1. Actually, it can… You would have to speak in a clear and audible manner. Accents may be difficult to understand for the program. I often laugh at how Apple’s siri would misinterpret the messages I dictate at it. Typing would probably be faster.

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      2. Do it! Hahaha… If it is possible, perhaps have an actual voice recording available so we could also listen into what it sounded like. It does sound interesting!

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  2. My biggest problem is I can’t spell. Combine that with being a poor typist and you get what my posts and comments look like. I think I must have some form of dyslexia that affects typing and proofreading. I’ll proofread something several times and still miss things. I have to be very careful because my mind sees what I meant rather than what I wrote. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

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      1. my mistakes do keep her busy. her reward is that she is the first one to read my blog. I guess in hindsight that’s not much of a reward… 🙂


  3. I find that as I’ve gotten older, I tend to reverse the letters of some words more often than others. For example, I will spell “just” as “juts.” Unlike Facebook, most blogs (other than your own) don’t allow you to edit. Another problem of mine is hitting reply without checking for errors first.

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  4. 🙂 We human beings are not infallible. We will make typos once in a while.

    Maybe, practicing the basics of typing (in a repetitive manner like the way in which Shaolin monks practise their kung fu) should help in the area of enhancing our typing skills.

    Thank God for proofreading; for without it, typos would have been more prevalent in our blog posts.

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  5. My problem is letting go of the shift key. I end up with “THanks” and “BEautiful”, and such. It appears we all have our typing shortcomings. Great post! I think I heard cold beer is good for Borden Fingers!

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  6. sometimes it retypes errors by autocorrect, and they have to be manually corrected each time, as once they’re in there, you have to override them. sometimes my letters get jumbled as well, just as a result of me hurrying along, and my brain, or one or the other hands is not keeping up. always, we are just human. I think many, if not all of us, can identify –

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  7. today is always toady. I’d like to think it’s my brain working fast, but i’s more likely my fingers wokring slower. And yes – I’m useless at the piano.
    Someone has given me (yes… given!) a digital piano and I’ve been trying to play a piece I practiced like mad when the kids were small and I wasn’t working. After some work, the opening section has got to the point where my fingers seem to remember it without me having to think, but as soon as I stop, or mis-key, I’m lost and have to start again. (I never got to that stage with parts 3 and 4 – even back then.)
    I tried learning to touch-type once, but never practiced enough to give me confidence not to look down. My fingers are just confidnt enough, on their own, to get out of synch

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    1. I did take a typing class about 50 years ago when I was about 12, and I never quite got the hang of it. I also have to look at the keyboard when I type, and don’t use all of my fingers…

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  8. I have the exact same problem, both with typing and the space bar. ANother one is capitalizing the second letter after a capital A. It may have to do with the dominant hand being fast like Sue suggested. It will be interesting to try and see if there’s a pattern. For example, those typing tuts mare mostly right handed since most of the letters are under the command of the right hand? I also type thanks thansk – is it because I am left handed that the s sneaks in before the k? You always give us something to think about!

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    1. it is funny how many people seem to have the same, repeating errors. The dominant hand thing seems like a good explanation. I also do the two letter capitalization thing. I guess it proves once more that people have more in common with each other than we realize!

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  9. I misspell my name all the time. Lsia and the spell check changes it to LSU. Ugh! You might just need a new keyboard, food free! 😂. At least that might help the keyboard problem. 😊

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    1. That would be tough misspelling your name all the time – and that’s funny what spell check changes it to. Blogging, typing, and snacking all seem to go together though!

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  10. Jim, at least you are not into the “hunt and peck” method. Thank goodness for our technology which has taken our typing efficiency far beyond the good ol’ manual typewriter. Ah, the memories of a former typing teacher.

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