A Different Kind of 4th of July

It was a bit quieter in our neck of the woods today for the 4th of July compared to prior years. No parade, no picnic and entertainment at the local park, and no fireworks.

Fortunately, some of the neighbors on our street organized an informal get together, and so it was nice to be outside enjoying the warm weather and the holiday. They even had some fireworks as soon as it got dark.

But I still miss the tradition surrounding such a holiday, and so I thought I would continue my tradition of writing a 4th of July post about our local celebration.

However, since there really was not a local celebration this year, I am copying my post from two years ago to remind me of what the 4th of July was like, back in the day.


Garrett Hill, PA and the 4th of July. That means one thing.

A parade. It’s a tradition that’s carried out in communities across the U.S.

And we are fortunate to live within 200 yards of the route for the Garrett Hill parade, and so we’ve made it part of our 4th of July for the past 30 years.

The parade is led by Radnor Township’s police motorcycle unit, and includes Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty, kids and their families, fire engines, and music, lots of music.

And as you can tell from the photo above, it even featured Santa.


Thank you to the parade organizers for keeping this great American tradition going.

And let’s close with a cllp one of my all-time favorite movies – Yankee Doodle Dandy.


28 thoughts on “A Different Kind of 4th of July

  1. Thanks for sharing your 4th of July entertainment, even if it was from a couple years ago! Was fun to listen to and watch. Yes, 4th of July was different for us too. We typically would be in Indiana over this time, visiting my husband’s family, but traveling right now is just not the greatest. We are hoping to go later this year!!

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  2. Maybe this is just a good Fourth of July for catching up on sleep, without any noisy parade going down the street. Looks like you’ve had some fun parades to watch in the past, though.

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  3. I am a huge fan of local parades and celebrations. this one from the past looks so fun. good news for this year, is at least you had a chance to share a friendly day with neighbors and you were safe. happy 4th !

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  4. What a thoughtful reminder that life is best enjoyed in the company of others. Though this may not be how your celebrations looked today, I am confident that we will, some day soon, return to those more carefree times. Till then, we must remain hopeful and celebrate with the safety of others as our major concern. Glad your neighborhood celebrated the best they could. But more glad that you and your family remain safe and well. Happy 4th, Jim!

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    1. You are right, Brad, about keeping it all in perspective. Not having the parade and other entertainment was a minor disappointment compared to what others have gone through, and what is needed to get our country back on track…

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  5. Whew! I feel like we lived through World War III last night with all of the mortars going off steadily for three hours straight. The city canceled the annual fireworks show in an attempt to stay socially distant, but I wonder if encouraging people to stay home promoted a drastic increase in personal fireworks.

    Our dog, Lulu, was a wreck. We gave her two pills, she wore her thunder shirt, but we spent much of the night trying to calm her down. The other morning someone set off blasts from 4:00-4:30 a.m. I don’t understand people sometimes.

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    1. Sounds just like our neighborhood. So many people setting off fireworks. I haven’t heard of any injuries, but it always worries me.

      And our dog was a wreck as well.

      And that’s just plain obnoxious to set off fireworks at 4 in the morning…

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  6. It was crazy here. More neighbors had large mortars than in past years. My dog was beside herself. We got to bed about 1 am after they stopped. There was more tonight. Ugh!

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  7. I miss going outside, squeezing through the crowd and looking at parades like this. Spain got plenty of them usually but because of lock downs… well… sigh

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