This Blog Post Needs to Get a Lot of Views. Feel Free to Click, Like, and Leave…

My view count is running behind schedule this week.

I am on a streak of 10 straight weeks with at least 3,000 views per week. That averages out to about 429 views per day.

Currently, it looks like I will end today with slightly less than 1,600 views so far this week, which mean for the next three days, I need to average about 475 views per day if I want to keep my 3,000 views per week streak going.

Since I know I can’tΒ count on my suddenly writing quality blog posts that will attract readers (why start now), I figured click-bait headlines are my only option.

I’ll even stop writing now so that you can move on to a more productive use of your time…

47 thoughts on “This Blog Post Needs to Get a Lot of Views. Feel Free to Click, Like, and Leave…

  1. I’m all about contributing something to one of your legendary streaks. Maybe it’s time for you to write another “tire post.”😎

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  2. stats! you are the king of stats and i hope that someday, when you retire from professor-ing, you become a blog statistician, helping others who are stat-challenged, like me. we all have our gifts –

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    1. Perhaps I am so obsessed because the numbers are so low compared to numbers like yours!
      My gift is talking a lot about stats, but not knowing how to do anything about them… πŸ™‚

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  3. My views have been down a bit lately too, so I feel your pain, my friend! Maybe a little nudity would get your views up. Remember, sex sells. Or a little reverse psychology with a post titled, “Don’t Dare Read This”. Just so you know, I would kill for the stats you already have!

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    1. maybe people are getting blogged out…
      I think Villanova might frown on the nudity – perhaps when I retire… πŸ™‚
      and I am sure when you are at the five year mark your stats will make mine look pedestrian!

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  4. I’ve added my one view to your total. Are there prizes? To put your apparent impending β€˜failure’ into perspective, I’m happy if I get 200 views in a WEEK!

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  5. Well Covid seems to be spiking again, perhaps your views are inversely proportional and they’ll jump back up again while people are hiding in their bunkers. πŸ˜‰

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  6. Haha clickbait is always the way to go when you need view πŸ˜‚ Just kidding… but seriously though… Also what was going on with your blog on May 11? Whatever you posted was received really well!

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