Daddy Changed the World

The past couple of weeks have been a struggle to come up with something to write about.

I’m not sure if it is just part of the natural ebb and flow of trying to put words on paper, or if it is partly caused by what has been going on in our country not only the past couple of weeks, but the past few months.

A recent new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows that an overwhelming majority, 80%, feel that the country is spiraling out of control.

I hope some positive change comes out of all we have experienced the past few days and weeks.

George Floyd’s daughter expresses my hopes for the future in four simple words:

RIP George.

*image from Reuters

39 thoughts on “Daddy Changed the World

  1. It can get hard to not let fears and worry take over! I pray that things can take a positive turn, and the sooner the better!!
    Until then I lose myself in my fictiional characters and their world. Its simpler. 🙂

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      1. Very!! And its different for everyone but writing has always been an outlet for me
        Its fun too. Trust me I am not always stressed when writing stories. LOL! But yes a fun distraction from the craziness of the world. Music is too. 🙂

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  2. Well written! Heartfelt, open, and honest. Great power in the words that found their home on paper. Direct, unencumbered, and full of hope. Not your longest post, but one of your best.

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  3. WWI was the war to end all wars a century ago … nothing ever changes for long … Humankind has an insatiable appetite for hate and racism and power and greed and killing. As heinous and gut-wrenching despicable the “public execution” of George Floyd was, the thirst for blood will never stop. Gandi. Martin Luther King. Nelson Mandela. Mother Teresa. Civic Rights, Reform, Social Awareness and Progress, yes. Hope is the constant here.

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  4. As I wrote in a post last weekend, there is so much in our world today that needs mending. I just hope the right people can take charge and do it – I have no faith in the current crop of leaders, either side of the pond.

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    1. yes, we need better leaders. I’m not sure if you recognize the name, but I was a big fan of Cory Booker as one of the candidates for President this year, but he just could not get any momentum. Maybe in four years…

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      1. I recognise the name but he got very little coverage here. I think you could be right about four years, as I can’t see either of the candidates lasting beyond that.

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      2. When the current incumbent got there by stirring things up, and clearly sees causing divisions as the only way to stay there, I just hope that the calming down process will begin in November. Mind you, if he loses he’ll probably claim it was voter fraud and try to have the election annulled…

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  5. He really did change the world- I really hope that there is real change and that it lasts. It’s ridiculous that this sort of racism still exists in the 2020.

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  6. This news is horrible. As someone who suffered in discrimination, the black lives matter movement comes close in my heart especially because I have black friends too…

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