Haikus About Blogging

Last week I wrote a post, “The Power of Poetry“, and referenced John Paul Lederach, a Mennonite conflict mediator who likes to write meeting notes and trip reports in haiku form. He believes that the act of distilling information to a five-seven-five syllable format is a way to β€œcapture the wonder of the human experience in the simplest of terms.”

After writing that post, I made a promise to myself to try my hand at poetry a bit more often, particularly using the haiku format. So here we go…

Time to check my stats
Hoping for one more comment
Oh well not today

Reading other’s posts
Impressed with how well they write
Hemingway, I’m not

Time to write my post
But I’m stuck with a blank page
Let me try haiku

Bloggers are the best
Always a kind word or two
Thank you for your thoughts

I just hit Publish
The words are no longer mine
Yikes, what have I done

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