Everything That Can Be Blogged About, Has Already Been Blogged

“Everything that can be invented has been invented.”
– Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S. patent office, 1899

It’s one of those quotes that many people have heard, and many of those same people know that it is not true. Such words were never uttered by Mr. Duell.

Despite it not being true, it came back to me today as I tried to think of something to write about. With the deadline fast approaching for posting to my daily blog, and no viable thoughts running through my head on what to write about, the thought crossed my mind that after five years of blogging, maybe I have nothing left to write about.

Perhaps all I want to say has already been said, either by me, or much more likely, by someone else.

But as soon as I started thinking like that, I was reminded of the false quote above.

Of course, there’s a lot to write about. It could be something brand new, it could be a new take on something you wrote before, or it could be a new way of looking at something somebody else has written.

Think of Romeo and Juliet; how many stories, movies, and TV shows have forbidden love as the theme, perhaps all in some way paying homage to Shakespeare?

And who knows, perhaps Romeo and Juliet itself was based on something Shakespeare had read.

So while there will always be something to write about, the problem is that sometimes it may take a while for such an idea to come to the writer.

From my perspective, I’ve got to believe that writer’s block is a real thing.

Fortunately, much has been written about what to do when you’re facing writer’s block.

One of the common pieces of advice is to just write something, anything.

So I took that advice, and there you have it.

My blog for the day…

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22 thoughts on “Everything That Can Be Blogged About, Has Already Been Blogged

  1. Haha ๐Ÿ˜€ you did write something! โค ๐Ÿ˜‚ I hate reading writer's block advice instead of making me feel better they sometimes annoy me.


  2. I think it’s awfully impressive for anyone to write a blog post for a week straight, let alone five years. I’m content doing a post every one-two weeks. That’s the beauty of bloggingโ€”everyone goes at it in their own way.

    As I’m typing this I spot a related post that you wrote in 2017 about being afraid your blog was turning into a Seinfeld-like blog. That’s one of my all-time favorite shows, and I think the writers thrived on writing episodes about the quirks of human nature. It wasn’t nothingโ€”it was comedic genius.

    Your blog is different than so many, which is part of its appeal. Keep writing, Jim. Pretty soon they’ll be comparing Borden to Joe Dimaggio’s fifty-six game hitting streak. ๐Ÿ˜Ž


    1. Thanks, Pete. I hadn’t read my Seinfeld blog in a long time, and looking back on it, it seems somewhat prophetic. When I wrote that, I was on day 15 of my blogging journey, and I was whining about not being able to come up with something to write about. And 1,800 blog posts later, I’m still whining about it! ๐Ÿ™‚
      By the way, one of my goals is to beat Cal Ripken’s record…


  3. and you have proven your point! there is always something, and it doesn’t have to be every day, write when you write and know you are good at it –


  4. and you have proven your point. there is always one more thing….. write when you write and it doesn’t have to be every day. you are very good at it


  5. I have always enjoyed your style of writing, but have been most impressed by your daily commitment to posting. Your posts are so good that I never gave a thought to you struggling for subject matter. I guess none of us are impervious to writer’s block. Even then, you have delivered a post that is entertaining and relatable. I do believe that in those times the advice of “just write something, anything” is actually very sound. It may not create your best work, but it will chip away at the dam that is holding back ideas.


    1. thanks, as always, for your kind words, Brad. Most days I don’t sit down to write my blog until 9:00 at night, and some nights, like last night, nothing has come to me by 11:00. I think having a deadline really helps. And like you noted, some days are better than others…


  6. I very seldom get writers block, because I am more of personal , inspirational blogger, I usually write about what lesson I have learned for the day and turn it into a blog topic. everyday always spark a new idea to write about. However, I am thinking about changing my writing style because I often get to personal, Iโ€™m kinda in a catch 22 which I guess is now writers block because I donโ€™t know what to write about when I go to a one topic blog like fashion or travel ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I enjoy your blog topics, keep on keeping on Jim!!!


    1. I’ve always enjoyed the personal nature of your blogs, particularly how well you speak of your family, and all your great travel posts! I look forward to whatever you decide to write about!


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