OK, I’ll Admit It. I Was Wrong. That Was a Good Idea.

A few weeks ago a neighbor posted the following to our local NextDoor site:

“I am going to be speaking with the Police this week about shutting down our neighborhood to car traffic during Trick or Treating hours (6-8pm). In order to do this I need to get neighbors signatures for a petition to present to the township commissions for a vote. Would you sign this? Thank you for your time.”

I didn’t know the person who posted the message, but my first reaction was, “Why?”

We’ve lived in the neighborhood for 30 plus years, and all of our kids, as well as all the kids who have lived in the neighborhood over the years, have trick-or-treated safely without ever having to close off any of the roads.

So why start now?

It just seemed like it would be more of a hassle for people that needed to get in or out of the neighborhood during that time.

Were the young parents in our neighborhood just pampering their kids too much?

Well, the petition went through, and all I can say, I’m glad it did.

Trick or treating just ended a little while ago, and while it has always been a wonderful night in our neighborhood, tonight seemed even better.

It was nice knowing that the kids could roam the streets freely, without having to worry about any cars. And I’m sure it brought a greater sense of comfort to the parents whose kids were out trick or treating.

So yes, I was wrong. Closing off the streets was a great idea, and I have thanked the person who originally suggested it.

I guess I have to stop thinking that the way we used to do things is always the best way to do things.

Sometimes these young folk have pretty good ideas!

Happy Halloween.

*image from the Concord Monitor

20 thoughts on “OK, I’ll Admit It. I Was Wrong. That Was a Good Idea.

  1. I’m all for closing off residential streets any time any excuse. Reclaiming the street for children and pedestrians; an idea that’s catching on in cities and towns to help reduce pollution and let children have fun and parents relax.


  2. As a mom I can understand the anxiety parents feels, but I still think that instead of no traffic at all, kids should learn to be extra cautious when walking in the street instead… because not everyday is Halloween.


    1. Hi Jessica. I agree, children need to learn to be cautious on the streets, but maybe for this one night it’s nice that they can take a break from such concerns.


      1. Yeah, I guess you’re right. It’s can take quite a toll to be worried all the time even if you know your kids are clever and behaves in traffic…


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