My Wife and I Went to the Beach Today and Did Something We’ve Never Done Before

Don’t judge us until you’ve tried it.

We have visited Ocean City every summer since our first child was born, 37 years ago.

And some summers we’ve made multiple trips to OC.

And on every one of those trips we have always had Mack and Manco pizza (now Manco and Manco).

It is the best pizza we’ve ever had, and we are constantly searching for something similar to it back home, but to no avail. I’ll admit that it lost some of its appeal for me once I stopped eating dairy, but I’ve been able to survive by getting our pizza split in half – one half with cheese, one half just sauce (but I secretly hope that a tiny sliver of cheese will inadvertently drip onto my slices).

But today when we went to the beach to celebrate our upcoming anniversary and the last day of summer, we made the bold decision to forego Manco and Manco and opt for our latest obsession – Acai Bowls from Playa Bowls. (I’ve mentioned this obsession before.)

Anyway, it seemed like the perfect meal to enjoy on the boardwalk, with the ocean breeze (and a good book) adding to the ambiance.

It was also the perfect way to spend the last day of summer – what’s more summery than having your toes in the sand?

And apparently we weren’t the only ones with such a thought, as shown by the photo below. It looks like it could be the middle of summer.

We plopped ourselves at the surfing beach since there’s always someone out there on their board, and today was no exception.

As always, another wonderful day at the beach.

And don’t worry Manco and Manco, we’ll be back.

*top photo is my attempt at a panoramic shot

23 thoughts on “My Wife and I Went to the Beach Today and Did Something We’ve Never Done Before

  1. The disintegration of tradition is eroding our society. The pizza is calling you back. Answer in the affirmative and help save America πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


      1. it gets too cold for me; often in the 20s, sometimes in the teens, rarely in the single digits (all degrees fahrenheit). I know that’s not cold for Canadians!


  2. Pizza without cheese? I can’t imagine what that is like… but I can only imagine your pain.

    That looks like a great beach day! πŸ˜€


  3. Thanks for sharing your words and images about Ocean City. My wife is a native of the Eastern Shore, and we recently visited her hometown again. I finally made the trip to Ocean City (on a quiet Monday, but summer-like) and saw the Atlantic for the first time. There were some amazing sand sculptures about God’s Word (need to use these later).


    1. Glad you got to experience the Atlantic Ocean for the first time! It sounds like you visited Ocean City, MD, and while it is a great city, I was referring to Ocean City, NJ, another great beach town on the Atlantic. You may need to visit so that you can compare the two!


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