Is This the One?

I went to write my blog tonight, but then I heard the news about another mass shooting, this time in Texas.

The headline: “5 Dead, 21 injured in Texas shooting”.

Right below that story was news that gunfire had broken out after a high school football game in Alabama late Friday, leaving 10 teens injured. Three of the injured are still in the hospital.

Once I read those stories, I lost interest in writing my blog; it would seem even more trivial than usual.

I’ve given my views on guns and gun control before, I just don’t feel like repeating those views again.

I don’t know what I feel right now; some sort of combination of angry, sad, depressed, incredulous.

I guess all I can say at this point are that my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families and friends. I know we need more than that, but right now that’s the best I can do.

I’m an optimistic guy, but the frequency of these events really tests that attitude.

I just hope that this is the one that leads to the necessary changes.

*image from Hammersmith & Fulham web site

35 thoughts on “Is This the One?

  1. It makes me wonder though, why? I grew up in suburban New Jersey in the 60’s-70’s and we would occasionally bring guns to high school in our cars and go hunting or shooting after school. There were occasions that guns were displayed and admired on school grounds by others, including teachers. ( often while smoking with students in the outdoor smoking lounge). No one was concerned and we didn’t go on shooting sprees. Guns are not the cause. The parents who didn’t teach their children respect for life, who allowed doctors to medicate their sons, who didn’t teach them about God and take them to church, who gave them violet video games to play instead of spending time with them, who did nothing when the government run schools began teaching their kids how to put a condom on a banana and taught a gross revision of American history, who demanded the coach put their kid in, even if the kid sucked, gave participation awards and told them they were “special”. They didn’t monitor what information their kids were getting over their smartphones, ignored antecedent behavior and were oblivious to the damage being done to a generation of snowflakes. I have no stats to back it up, but my guess is that back in the day, there were lots more guns in Texas and Alabama than there were in New Jersey. . . And no one got shot up. During those 40 years, guns haven’t changed, but the way we raise and educate our children has. Maybe we are looking in the wrong corner? I would suggest the change you refer to takes place in the home and school, not in the gun store.


    1. Just what we need. God-driven gun nuts determining how children get raised. Just go for more guns and you’re done. Guns everywhere. And if military style weapons are not enough then how about a rocket launcher. That’ll show them what liberty means. Meanwhile the idea of gun nuts swaggering about wearing their weapons in public…. How truly pathetic is that?


    2. Hi Ray, there’s no doubt that the times have changed since our childhood. But I am sure the same could have been said when we were children. You and I are on opposite ends of the spectrum then it comes to guns; to me, they have one, and only one purpose – to kill. I don’t think any of us have the right to kill ANY living thing, man or animal. So from my perspective, there is never a need for a gun. But even if we allowed people to have guns, do they really need assault rifles? We’ve allowed people to have guns for over 200 years, why don’t we prohibit guns for 200 years, and see what happens? I can’t imagine it could be any worse than it is right now.


      1. I’m sticking to my original observation and like I often tell my wife, “if two people always agree, one of them is not necessary” If it is about the guns, why do cities like Chicago and Baltimore, which in essence, prohibits all guns, continue to have record gun violence? Because criminals don’t follow laws and know that law abiding citizens are unarmed and vulnerable. Why is it that the only time the anti gun folks seem to care is when a white republican is the one that pulls the trigger? Yes, guns are used to kill and I didn’t realize you were a vegetarian since you are against animals being killed. That being said, if you were to break into my home one night, you hearing me racking my shotgun may cause you to expeditiously vacate the premises, thus saving your life. In the event you were hard of hearing, I would prefer you be dead rather than my wife and me. Please define an “assault weapon” as it is nothing more than a construct of those who want more gun control. And lastly, my opinion, is that “gun control” is more about control than it is about guns.


      2. Hi Ray. I didn’t think what I wrote would change your opinion, just make you aware of my viewpoints, like you did with your comment. I look at Australia’s gun laws, and they have almost eliminated mass shootings after putting in tougher laws. And most research studies I read seem to suggest that a gun in the home is much more likely to harm the gun owner or family member rather than an intruder – so why would I want a gun in my house? And I’ve never heard it said that anti-gun folks only care when the shooter is a Republican, at the very least, that’s not my mindset.


  2. We really need to do something about Gun violence, it’s been out of control for many years. When someone is killed their life cannot be manufactured again they are gone. I am not sure why government don’t understand this.


      1. You loved London? I’m glad. It has so much. I’ve spent a lot of time there. Now I’m very happy to go and equally happy to leave. Where were you living?
        Yes, I miss the dry heat of Socal, the mountains, the canyons. I love the green of where I live, the vast harbour and hills, the oldness of it all.


  3. If the gun nuts and GOP NRA enablers of mass destruction obstruction action after Sandy Hook I doubt they ever will. They must be voted out at every level.

    All those who mocked Obama for tearing up at the massacre of children are beyond redemption. Until of course it happens to them and their families.

    Possibly, just possibly, they may then come to their senses. for a momentary period. And then return to prescribing more guns for protection and making money from bullet-proof backpacks. Vote ALL of them out starting locally.


    1. Yes, one of the keys will be getting people elected who want to make changes to our gun laws, and don’t buckle under the pressure of the NRA. The bullet-proof backpacks are a sad reflection of where we are at as a nation.


  4. It’s a sad and scary world we live in. I watch the news every morning while I get ready for work, and every single morning that was a report of shootings & killings in Baltimore the night before. Every. single. morning. It’s hard not to let it bring you down.


    1. it’s the same in Philly. I hope I never become immune to it and simply start ignoring such stories. Behind these stories is a grieving family and community, and one less person who could have made a difference, and that’s what is truly sad.


  5. I’m so sorry that’s happening Jim. It’s so painful to hear people getting injured and losing their lives when they have done nothing deserving it.😔


  6. You took the words out of my mouth! I have written blog posts whenever a mass shooting has happened for my heart has been so troubled and I felt like I had to express myself. But with this latest shooting I am out of words and like you I pray that this will be the one that changes things!!


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