This Quiz (Sadly) Confirmed What I Already Knew, or More Accurately, What I Don’t Know

Given the high I experienced the other day from driving like a man, I thought I would step out of my comfort zone once again and test my knowledge of car parts.

Now I have some basic knowledge; I know the difference between a steering wheel and a tire (only because I’ve never had to change a steering wheel), and I know that you don’t put oil in the gas tank (but to play it safe, I’ve never done an oil change). But I still have to hesitate when someone says “pop the hood” to make sure I don’t pop the trunk by mistake.

As far as what’s under the hood, I know the difference between the battery and a flux capacitor, but only because I’ve had to jump start my car numerous times over the years.

Beyond that, I have no idea. So when I came across this quiz that would test my knowledge of car parts, I thought sure, why not. Such knowledge is probably part of being a man.

The quiz had 48 questions – I didn’t know there were that many parts to a car.

Anyway, my final score was 30 out of 48, for a 62.5%, which would be a “D”.

Thankfully, the quiz consisted of all multiple choice questions, with four answers to choose from each time. I would say that there were probably about 4-6 questions that I was fairly certain of what the correct answer was; the rest were all guesses. If I had been asked to actually come up with the names of the parts as opposed to picking the correct name from a list, I could have counted the number of correct answers on one hand.

Given how little I know about cars, 30 out of 48 does not seem too bad. Sadly, none of the answers involved a flux capacitor.

I’ve never been interested in cars, despite my dad being fascinated with them. He worked on our cars what seemed like nearly every weekend during the spring, summer, and fall.

I guess if I want to stay on my path to becoming a man, it looks like I need to start knowing my way around a car.

Perhaps I should take a Scottish Shower before I start spending time under the hood (or is it the trunk?) to get me in the right frame of mind.

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