Thanks to Harlan Coben, Now I Know What It’s Like to Be My Dog

I’m sure our dog is no different than most dogs. When it’s time to eat, she can barely contain herself. She starts spinning around, jumping up on us, pawing at the door where we keep her food, and running around the kitchen. It’s the highlight of her day.

But then it’s over so quickly. She wolfs down her food in less than two minutes, and then it’s all over until her next meal, 12 hours later.

I often wondered what it was like to get so hyped up about something, and then when that something happens, to rush through it and have it all end way too soon.

Well, thanks to Harlan Coben, I now know what it’s like.

I’ve read all of his books (except for his Mickey Bolitar series), and I was anxiously awaiting his newest release which came out this week. When my wife told me that I was lucky enough to get one of the first copies of Run Away from our local library, in my mind, I was running around the kitchen and doing 360s (at least I hope it was just in my mind.)

I started to read it the day I got it, but my job got in the way, so I could only read a little bit each day for the first couple of days. But it was nice knowing that the book would be there when I got home.

Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. I spent a good chunk of yesterday reading the book, and before I knew it, I finished it.

I felt like my dog must feel after she’s rushed through her meal. So much anticipation and excitement, and then it’s all over way too quickly. But then I realized my dog actually has it better than me. She only has to wait 12 hours for her next meal; I have to wait another year for the next Coben release.

So here’s my plea to Mr. Coben. Now that you’ve trained me in a way that would make Pavlov learn a thing or two, could you either come out with your new novels more frequently (it doesn’t have to be every 12 hours) or make the next one so boring that it takes me a year to get through it?

And if you’re looking for any guidance on boring writing, well, you’ve come to the right place.

Congrats on another great novel!

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