Is This the Worst Holiday TV Commercial?

Yes, it is.

Perhaps you’ve seen it; if not here it is:

There are a couple of things I find annoying with this ad.

First, how many people go out on Black Friday and buy two cars, one for themselves and one for their spouse? If that’s GM’s target market, I’m guessing it’s a pretty small market.

Second, I find the wife a little ungrateful. The husband clearly bought the red car for his wife and the black one for himself, but the wife takes the black car for herself. Who wants to watch a selfish person in a supposedly feel-good commercial?

I’m not the only one who’s not a fan.

Many of the comments on YouTube are of the same ilk; one person even suggested that GM should fire its advertising firm.

So I’m not sure how this commercial made it on to TV.

But somebody had to come up with the worst commercial of the season, so I guess congrats are in order to GM for claiming the honor.

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