Sweet Dreamery: Taking Naps in the Middle of NYC (with the help of a boring accounting book)

Casper, the online mattress retailer, opened the Dreamery in New York City in July of this year, right next door to its retail store in Soho.

Casper refers to the space as “a magical oasis in the middle of New York City where you can hit pause and recharge whenever you want.”

Jeff Brooks, CMO of Casper, said that their aim was to create a place that was calming and restful, but also “envoked the spirit of the brand. You come into this incredibly magical experience, and that’s part of what the goal here was. To bring some of that joy and magic back to that bedtime ritual.”

Brooks said that The Dreamery concept has been in the works for a year, and stems more from the brand’s mission of “cementing sleep as a critical pillar of wellness,” rather than hoping to drive sales. It’s also answering the pleas of its customers, who he said have been requesting a nap space.

Brooks notes that while having the Dreamery and its retail store next to each other is harmonious, they’re designed to do different jobs.” “While it would be a wonderful byproduct if people love their naps so much that they want to go around the corner and buy a Casper mattress, the goal of The Dreamery is to normalize and to champion what we see as a critical behavior.

Customers pay $25 for 45 minutes in a private “nook”—complete with a Casper mattress. Each nap pod comes equipped not only with a Casper bed (with Casper bedding, naturally), but also with Sunday Riley face wash, pajamas from luxury sleepwear brand Sleepy Jones, toothbrushes and toothpaste from teeth-cleaning startup Hello, complimentary beverages, special sleep audio from Headspace, sleep masks, ear plugs, and Casper-branded socks.

The final space itself is like a mix between a trendy coworking space, a spa, and an Instagram-friendly art installation. Upon entering, visitors pass through a large blue tunnel covered in blue twinkling lights that look like stars. Eleanor Morgan, SVP of experience at Casper, says it’s “designed to help people transition from the outside city environment into something more calm and serene.” You arrive in a lounge-like space that feels somewhat like a cool office, complete with trendy midcentury modern furniture. A long bar lines one end, with a place to check in as well as snacks and complimentary drinks like La Croix and cold brew. There’s a shelf of boring books on topics like corporate accounting, wooden fences, choral speaking, and the history of golf.

This sounds like a great idea, and I would be quite interested in giving it a try next time I am in NYC.

I’ll just have to be careful not to pick up the book on corporate accounting because that would be a real page-turner for me. I’m also thinking there may be a business opportunity here for me. I don’t know what kind of sleep audio Headspace offers, but it sounds like a series of accounting lectures might be even more effective. And I have hundreds of students who will offer testimony on my ability to put them to sleep.

Here’s a video of the Dreamery from AdWeek, featuring Eleanor Morgan, and here’s a set of FAQs.

Sweet Dreams(ery)!



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