I Wonder if Hollywood Would Buy the Rights to My Book

Here’s the pitch:

“A darkly comic thriller about a precocious adolescent’s wish to come to grips with his own birth.”

What do you think? Would you want to read such a novel and then see the movie?

While it may sound like an original idea, it really isn’t.

Anybody with the first name of James would also be pitching an idea about “A darkly comic thriller about a precocious adolescent’s wish”. If their last name also started with “Bo” like mine does, then they would have come up with the exact same pitch.

“How is that possible?, you might ask.

Well it’s all thanks to the The Electric Literature auto-publicist pitch generator.

This pitch generator will take the first seven letters of your name and convert it to a catchy, one-sentence descriptor of a book.

Just like any Internet-based company back in the late 90s, sometimes that one-sentence descriptor is all you need to sell your idea to a publisher or a producer.

And once you do that, all you’ve got to do is write the 400-page novel.

I think what’s needed next is an Electric Literature auto-novel generator.

And that doesn’t seem too difficult.

After all, if an infinite number of monkeys can type the complete works of Shakespeare, how hard could it be for a software program to crank out a novel based on a solid pitch like the one I have?

But the software developers better hurry; Spielberg isn’t going to wait forever for me to finish my book.

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