Add One More Item to the List of Things I Will Never Do

One of the things I like about the Wall Street Journal is that it’s not all business.

It has a Sports page, a weekly “Mansion” section, a daily Life & Arts section, and its famous front page A-Hed stories. The paper has fashion reviews (which I consider the comic page), a weekly arts and entertainment section, book reviews, and frequent articles on health, fitness, and technology.

Such stories provide a welcome break from reading about the latest round of company layoffs, mergers, and earnings releases.

But one of the stories in today’s paper just seemed like pure filler, but it did offer me the chance to reflect on my life’s choices and expose me to a world I did not know existed.

The story was about men and their eyebrows; more specifically, men grooming their eyebrows.

Maybe I’m lucky and I don’t have to deal with eyebrows that looked like Andy Rooney’s.

But I have never given one moment’s thought about my eyebrows, let alone considered grooming them.

Now I have no idea if I am in the minority or majority of men that think like this; all I can say is that I have never had a conversation with another man about  eyebrows.

And it’s not like the Journal article makes “eyebrow shaping” sound appealing, with its talk of waxing, threading, and “scream-inducing” plucking.

Yet, the article features some guys who get this done regularly, every four to six weeks. As I noted in the beginning, it’s s world I did not know existed.

It’s also a world I have no intention of becoming a part of; I think my eyebrows will thank me for such a decision.

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