London – City of Lights

We are fortunate to be in London for Lumiere London, a world-class light festival that takes place over four evenings, from Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 January 2018. We are doubly fortunate that some of the major exhibits that are part of the festival are a two-minute walk from our flat.

So tonight we took a stroll along the Thames River, where you could see many of the exhibits. I thought I’d share some of the photos we took, as well as a video of one of the main attractions.

But first, a little about London Lumiere, from the great web site,

Lumiere showcases the capital’s spectacular and iconic architecture and streets, with more than 50 works created through the vision of leading UK and international artists.

The free outdoor light festival is the biggest festival of light in London to date. It returns to London for the second time following the success of the first edition in January 2016, when it attracted an estimated 1.3 million visits over four nights in London’s West End, Mayfair and King’s Cross.

The 2018 edition has an expanded footprint extending north to south, from King’s Cross, through Fitzrovia, Mayfair, and London’s West End, to Trafalgar Square, Westminster, Victoria, South Bank (this is where our flat is), and Waterloo.

So the following video and photos are from our walk along the river on the South Bank. There’s a few other photos from outside the South Bank, but the views  just seemed too good to pass up a photo opportunity.

Here’s a video of the walk through the “The Wave”:

Here’s a picture of the London Eye, with its usual red lights changed to red, white, and blue (the lights kept changing color):

Here are photos of some of the buildings that were lit up (not really sure if this is part Lumiere or not, but it looked great):

Here’s a guy doing some sand sculpting (the Thames has a beach area!):

And finally here are some shots of the city of London from our side of the river:

We feel blessed to have this opportunity to be here; London is a wonderful city, and we keep discovering something new every day that makes the city even better.

P.S. The picture at the top is part of the Lumiere Festival, but it is not one I took; I found it on the Visit London web site. It was taken at Westminster Abbey, and we are hoping to visit that exhibit int he next couple of days.


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