You Wouldn’t See This in the U.S. (Well at Least Not in Philly)

The photo above is an indication of how passengers were greeted as we emerged from the Waterloo Underground – a free 5-ounce can of Heineken (alcohol-free).

Of course, my wife, son, and I had to accept the offer, it would have been bad taste to refuse such a gift.

I could not tell what controls the two Heineken folks had over how many cans a person might take, or if the age was of any concern since it was “alcohol-free” (the drinking age here is 18). However, from my brief observation, everything seemed to be working fine, and no one seemed to be abusing the process.

As I stood there watching I tried to imagine such a scene in one of Philly’s subway concourses. As much as I love Philly, I think such a marketing promotion could cause a near riot, even if it was alcohol-free beer. At some point, someone would try to grab a second or third one, someone might try to take off with the whole cooler of beers, or someone might use one of the cans as a weapon at the Eagles playoff game this weekend.

I’ve noticed a few differences between the U.S. and the U.K., and I’m planning to write a future blog about those items, but I found the beer giveaway so intriguing I couldn’t wait.

Proost! (That’s ‘Cheers!’ in Dutch).

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