Thank You for Another Happy Birthday!

Well today was the big 60, and it was a great day, thanks to family, friends, colleagues, students, and former students.

The day started off with some cardio, followed by a big green smoothie (nothing unusual there – every day starts like that).

I then went into school, and my first three sections all sang happy birthday to me, and my fourth and final section presented me with a vegan brownie (which was delicious by the way). It certainly made the day memorable.

I also got back my first math test of the semester, and was pleasantly surprised with the grade.

So the day was definitely off to a good start.

When I got home, my wife and son gave me some birthday presents, and I  thought I’d share a couple of them with you.

My wife got me a new wallet; I think she was tired off the old one, which had seen better days:


and here is the new one, with a $60 gift card to my favorite grocery store, Mom’s Organics:


The challenge will be trying to figure out what stuff from my old wallet makes the cut when I transition to the new one. I keep way too much stuff in my wallet:


As you might have guessed from the picture at the top of the post, I also the 23andMe Health + Ancestry testing kit, from my three sons. I’ve always secretly wanted to have this testing done, but probably would have never done anything about it myself.

So I am quite excited to see what the results of the test will be in terms of my genetic health risks, my ancestry, my wellness, my carrier status, and my traits. Once I get the results, you can be sure that there will be a blog post about it. I am predicting that I am at least 85% Irish.

In addition to all the wonderful presents from my family, I had birthday rewards from Wawa for a free coffee, from Panera Bread for a free pastry, a free cupcake (all vegan) from Sweet Freedom Bakery, and a $10 gift card to put towards my favorite charity, I also got birthday wishes from my insurance agent and my dentist!

So it was a great 60th birthday, and I still have a couple little gatherings to look forward to tomorrow night and Saturday night.

So to all of you who wrote to me today, thank you. I appreciate your taking time to wish me a happy birthday, it meant a great deal. I am lucky to have such a loving family, a wonderful group of friends and colleagues, and the best students one could hope for.

I am excited about the year ahead, including 365 more days of blogging until the next one!

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