I Need Emotional Support after Reading This Story

This seems like a story that would be set in Florida. Unfortunately, it's right here in Pennsylvania, my home state. And just knowing that makes the story even more frightening. Joie Henney, 65, of Strinestown, Pennsylvania, lives with two alligators, one of which is a four-and-a-half-foot-long, registered emotional support animal called Wally. That's right, an alligator has … Continue reading I Need Emotional Support after Reading This Story

My Blogging Queue

Once again, I owe a debt of gratitude to a fellow #writeandrun31 member, this time, EJ Runyon. In a brief exchange of comments with EJ, I noted how impressed I was with her ability to write 50,000 words in one month. And not just once, but many times. I told her that I struggle to … Continue reading My Blogging Queue