Day Five of My Blogging Break: Seriously? $4,450 for This?

Just last week I wrote about one of the latest trends in men’s fashion covered by the Wall Street Journal: kidcore. This is a style where grown men dress teenager style.

Well, they are back at it again this week.

But this time, I actually don’t mind this supposed new trend: cross-body bags.

Cross-body bags—especially fun-size, rectangular iterations—have become wardrobe staples for Gen-Z and millennial urbanites.

Research firm the NPD Group reports that U.S. sales of men’s and unisex handbags were up almost 700% percent in 2021 compared with 2018.

The bags serve a very practical purpose – serving as a place to keep everyday essentials and as a way to keep your hands free and your pockets empty. Among the items mentioned in the article that men have kept in their cross-body bag:

  • phones
  • keys
  • wallets
  • hand sanitizer
  • mask
  • cologne
  • passport
  • shoelaces
  • lip balm
  • eye drops

I wouldn’t mind wearing one of these to keep my phone, wallet, and keys in, and at least for now, a mask.

I only have one problem, and it’s the usual one with these fashion stories from the WSJ – the price.

Here is an image from the story, along with the price of each of the handbags:

Clockwise from top left: Porter Bag, $237,; Jacquemus Bag, $1,026,; Bag, $980, Gucci, 212-826-2600; Bag, $1,590,; Bag, $4,450, Louis Vuitton, 212-758-8877; Bag, $25,

If I’m reading the caption correctly, that bag in the bottom left with the chain links is $4,450.

I’ll never get how someone can justify paying so much for such an item. Even if I won a $500 million Powerball drawing, this accessory would never appear on my wish list.

The light blue bag directly above it, for $25 might be more my style, if it came in a darker color. And I wouldn’t even have to win the lottery…