Day Two of My Break from Blogging

A while ago, I had planned to do a post that would include two videos of me solving Rubik’s Cube (I’m guessing I’ve lost half my readers at this point).

One video would be a relatively short one of me solving without much talking, and the second video would be a longer one that included step by step instructions on what I was doing each step along the way.

I recorded the first video a couple of weeks ago, and I had planned to do a better one, but at this point I’m going with the one I have. You’ll notice that I didn’t think of things like whether the viewer would be able to see the cube the whole time I was solving it and unaware of the confused look I have on my face at various points.

The video is slightly less than four minutes; for reference, I have included a video of someone solving it in four seconds…

Obviously, I’ve got room for improvement.

P.S. Hopefully, I’ve figured out how to turn off the comments this time…