Some Beautiful Christmas Music

Here is a beautiful Christmas song that will hopefully bring you to your happy place.

It is a piece of instrumental music from Dave Koz, an American smooth jazz saxophonist.

It is my favorite version of Sleigh Ride. Enjoy.

*image from Des Moines Parent

40 thoughts on “Some Beautiful Christmas Music

      1. Indeed. Not forgetting Raphael Ravenscroft or Gary Barnacle either. (The latter was born in 1953, by the way – Wikipedia is wrong. I should know: I was born in 1953 and Gary was in my class at school!).


      2. I knew you wouldn’t have, that was deliberate! The Baker Street sax solo is legendary here, and Gary has played on so many records with loads of great artists. He was a talented player from an early age – I remember seeing a band he was in when he was about 15 (or 9, if you believe Wikipedia!). I’ve never mentioned either, so you haven’t missed anything. It’s a reminder I should play more Gerry Rafferty, though…

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Jim! Happy Christmas! 😀 We ended up not seeing any extended family- it was a bit sad at first but turned out to be a fabulous day! Hope you had a great day too! 😀

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