Maybe Awareness Will Help a Little

It was the first thing I read about this morning. I opened the news feed on my phone, and there it was, another mass shooting. Details were still a little vague, but it didn’t sound good, and as the day went on, the terrible reality of the situation came into focus.

This marks the 14th mass shooting of 2018 (based on Wikipedia’s approach to measuring such tragedies). It’s also the 63rd mass shooting in the past six years, which is more than there were during the 47-year period from 1966-2012. During that time, there were 56 mass shootings. These 119 mass shootings have killed 911 people.

Included in that 911 are children, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, grandparents, cousins, friends, and coworkers. And they leave behind people whose lives are forever changed. And for what purpose; why?

There’s been so much debate in recent years on the issue of gun violence, but little action. Perhaps if we just think about the human cost of such violence, and how much it has increased in recent years, then something can be done. We need to be reminded of the terrible tragedy of such events, and not just let them fade away.

So in keeping with that, below is a brief description, from Wikipedia, of every mass shooting since 1966. As you read through the list, you may be surprised, as I was, about how long ago some of these events happened. For example, Columbine was 19 years ago, and that’s the one that has always stuck in my mind. That’s the one that seemed to have brought on a new era of gun violence that hasn’t gone away, but has gotten worse.

I’ve also forgotten about some of these shootings, and I think that’s what some people want, hoping that any talk of gun control will also fade away.

I fully realize it’s a multi-faceted problem, but that should not stop us from working on the parts of the problem that are easier, such as gun control, just because other parts of the problem are more difficult, such as dealing with mental health issues. Breaking a problem down into smaller parts and looking for solutions to those smaller parts is an accepted way of solving big problems, and it can work with gun violence.

We just can’t let the size and complexity of the problem prevent us from doing something.

I hope I never have to wake up to news like this again, and I am sure those directly affected by such tragedies hope that they will never experience such sorrow again.

So scroll through the list, become aware of the magnitude of the problem, and think about what you can do to help solve it.


Date Location Dead Injured Total Description
November 8, 2018 Thousand Oaks, California 13[n 1] Unknown 13 Thousand Oaks shooting: An unknown perpetrator entered a bar in Thousand Oaks, California and killed 13 people. This includes 11 patrons, 1 police officer and the gunman. More details to come.
November 2, 2018 Tallahassee, Florida 3[n 1] 5[n 2] 8 2018 Tallahassee Attack: A man entered a yoga studio and killed 2 women and injured 5 others; four by gunshots and one by pistol-whipping, before committing suicide.[13]
October 27, 2018 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 11 6 17 Pittsburgh synagogue shooting: A man opened fire in the Tree of Life synagogue in an antisemitic attack, killing eleven people and injuring six others (including four police officers). The suspect was taken into custody by police.[14][15]
October 3, 2018 Florence, South Carolina 1 7 8 Florence County shooting: Officers were shot at during a two-hour standoff while attempting to execute a search warrant in which the perpetrator held children hostage, killing one and wounding seven before being arrested.[16]
September 21, 2018 Aberdeen, Maryland 4[n 1] 3 7 Aberdeen, Maryland shooting: An employee of the Rite AidDistribution facility killed three victims before wounding herself. The shooter died later in the hospital.[17]
September 6, 2018 Cincinnati, Ohio 4[n 1] 2 6 Fifth Third Center Shooting: A gunman entered a loading dock at the Fifth Third Centerskyscraper and opened fire before entering the lobby of a building. Four people, including the shooter, were killed and two were injured.[18]
August 26, 2018 Jacksonville, Florida 3[n 1] 9 14 Jacksonville Landing Shooting: A gunman killed two people and wounded eleven more (nine with gunshot wounds) at a Madden NFL 19 competition before killing himself. The shooter was identified as David Katz, an individual who had reportedly been eliminated from the competition before the shooting.[19][20][21]
June 28, 2018 Annapolis, Maryland 5 2 7 Capital Gazette shooting: A gunman entered the offices of The Capital Gazetteand killed five employees and wounded two others.[22][23]
May 30–June 4, 2018 Scottsdale, Arizona 7 0 7 2018 Scottsdale Spree Shootings: Over the course of several days, a man killed a forensic psychologist, two paralegals, a counselor, and a couple from whom he took a handgun. The suspect killed himself when police began closing in on him.[24][25]
May 18, 2018 Santa Fe, Texas 10 14[n 1] 24 Santa Fe High School shooting: A student at Santa Fe High School shot and killed ten people and wounded fourteen others. Explosive devises were also found, but they were not detonated. The suspect was taken into custody by police.[26]
April 22, 2018 Nashville, Tennessee 4 2 6 Nashville Waffle House shooting: A gunman entered a Waffle House, where he killed four people and injured two others. He was later taken into custody.[27]
March 9, 2018 Yountville, California 5[n 1][n 3] 0 5 Yountville Shooting: A man entered the Veterans Home of California and held three staff members hostage. He killed the three staff members (and the unborn child of one of the staff members, who was pregnant) before killing himself in a murder–suicide.[28]
February 14, 2018 Parkland, Florida 17 17 34 Stoneman Douglas High School shooting: A former student of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School entered the school, killed seventeen people, and wounded seventeen others. He was taken into custody by police.[29][30]
January 23, 2018 Benton, Kentucky 2 16 18 Marshall County High School Shooting: A fifteen-year-old student killed two other students and injured sixteen others before discarding his weapon and attempting to hide among other students. He was apprehended by police.[31]


Date Location Dead Injured Total Description
December 31, 2017 Highlands Ranch, Colorado 2[n 1] 6 8 Copper Canyon Apartment Homes shooting: After being called to a home for a report of a disturbance, four police officers were shot in an “ambush-style” attack. One officer was killed and the other three were wounded. Two other people were also wounded in a neighboring apartment. Officers later re-entered the apartment with a SWAT team and killed the suspect; another officer was injured in this exchange.[32]
November 13–November 14, 2017 Tehama County, California 6[n 1] 12 18 Rancho Tehama Reserve shootings: A man killed his wife and hid her body under the floorboards of their home before killing two neighbors, firing at random at people, and then ramming his truck through the gates of an elementary school and firing at those inside. He then drove away and targeted other random victims before being rammed by police and shooting himself. He killed five people and injured twelve others (some with bullet wounds, others who were injured by flying glass) before committing suicide.[33]
November 5, 2017 Sutherland Springs, Texas 27[n 1][n 3] 20 47 Sutherland Springs church shooting: A gunman approached the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs and killed two people outside before entering and shooting at the congregation, killing 26 people (including an unborn child) and injuring twenty. He was confronted by a local man with a gun, and they exchanged gunfire before entering a vehicle. The man flagged down another person and they began a high-speed chase of the gunman, which ended when the gunman went off the road and was found dead either from a self-inflicted gunshot wound or from one of the two bullets fired by the local man.[34][35]
October 1, 2017 Las Vegas, Nevada 59[n 1] 422 481 2017 Las Vegas shooting: A man in a high floor of a hotel opened fire on a country music festival happening outside, killing 59 people and injuring 851 others, with 422 of them suffering from gunshot wounds. The man then shot himself.[36][37]
September 24, 2017 Antioch, Tennessee 1 8[n 1] 9 Burnette Chapel shooting: A man killed a woman outside the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ before entering the chapel and wounding seven others. During a struggle with an usher, the man shot himself in the chest. The usher ran to his car to get his own pistol and held the man at gunpoint until police arrived to arrest him.[38]
September 10, 2017 Plano, Texas 9[n 1] 1 10 2017 Plano shooting: A man entered his ex-wife’s home while she was hosting a football-watching party and killed her and seven others, and wounding one other. He was killed by police.[39]
August 28, 2017 Clovis, New Mexico 2 4 6 Clovis library shooting: A sixteen-year-old killed two people and wounded four others at a public library before surrendering to police.[40]
July 1, 2017 Little Rock, Arkansas 0 28 28 Little Rock nightclub shooting: 28 people were injured (25 directly injured by gunfire) when shooting broke out in a nightclub where rapper Finese 2Tymes was performing.[41]
June 14, 2017 Alexandria, Virginia 1[n 1] 6 7 2017 Congressional baseball shooting: A gunman shot and wounded four people, including Republican Congressman and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, while they were practicing for the Congressional Baseball Game. Two others were also injured in other ways. The gunman was killed after being engaged by Capitol police officersassigned to protect Scalise and by police officers responding to the scene.[42]
June 8, 2017 Eaton Township, Pennsylvania 4[n 1] 0 4 Eaton Township Weis Markets shooting: An employee of a Weis Marketssupermarket who was working a night shift barricaded the exits and killed three coworkers before killing himself.[43]
June 5, 2017 Orlando, Florida 6[n 1] 0 6 Orlando factory shooting: A former employee entered the factory through a rear exit and killed five employees and then himself.[44]
May 27, 2017 Lincoln County, Mississippi 8 1[n 1] 9 2017 Mississippi shootings: A man killed eight people, including several family members and a sheriff’s deputy, at three separate houses. He was injured by police and then arrested. The shooter later said he had intended to commit suicide by cop.[45]
April 13–April 18, 2017 Fresno, California 4 0 4 2017 Fresno shootings: A man killed a security guard at a hotel, then killed three other people five days later. The attacks, committed against white people by a black suspect, are believed to be racially motivated and the suspect believed there was a race war taking place between white and black people. He was taken into custody by police.[46]
April 10, 2017 San Bernardino, California 3[n 1] 1 4 North Park Elementary School shooting: A man entered an elementary school, telling school administrators he needed to drop something off for his wife. He entered the classroom where she was teaching and killed her, also killing a student and wounding another who were standing nearby. He then killed himself.[47]
March 26, 2017 CincinnatiOhio 2 16 18 Cincinnati nightclub shooting: Two men were killed and sixteen people were wounded after a fight escalated into a shooting at a crowded nightclub. One person was arrested.[48]
January 6, 2017 Broward County, Florida 5 6 11 Fort Lauderdale airport shooting: A man killed five people and injured six in a shooting at Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport before running out of ammunition and laying on the ground to surrender to police. 30–40 other people were also injured with injuries not directly caused by gunfire.[49]


Date Location Dead Injured Total Description
September 28, 2016 Townville, South Carolina 2 3 5 Townsville Elementary School shooting: A fifteen-year-old shot and killed his father before driving to the local elementary school and injuring three students and a teacher. One student later died of his injuries. The shooter was later arrested.[50]
September 23, 2016 Burlington, Washington 5 0 5 Cascade Mall shooting: A man killed five people at the Cascade Mall. He was arrested a day later. The shooter later killed himself while in jail.[51]
August 20, 2016 Citronelle, Alabama 6[n 3] 0 6 2016 Citronelle homicides: A man killed six people (including an unborn child) while they were sleeping in a home. He was arrested by police.[52]
July 30, 2016 Mukilteo, Washington 3 1 4 2016 Mukilteo shooting: A student at the University of Washington killed three people and injured one other in a shooting at a party. One of the people he killed was his ex-girlfriend. The shooter was arrested and sentenced to life in prison.[53]
July 17, 2016 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 4[n 1] 3 7 2016 shooting of Baton Rouge police officers: A gunman killed three law enforcement officers and injured three others. The gunman was killed by a member of the SWAT team that responded to the shooting. The shooting is believed to be related to the unrest in Baton Rouge following the shooting of Alton Sterling, and the gunman was involved with black separatist and sovereign citizenorganizations.[54][55]
July 11, 2016 St. Joseph, Michigan 3[n 1] 2 5 St. Joseph courthouse shooting: A handcuffed inmate killed two bailiffsand injured a deputy and another woman after taking a deputy’s gun in a courthouse. The inmate was killed by two other bailiffs.[56]
July 7, 2016 Dallas, Texas 6[n 1] 11 17 2016 shooting of Dallas police officers: A shooter killed five police officers and wounded nine other officers and two civilians at a protest over the police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The shooter was killed by a bomb delivered by a remote control vehicle. He is believed to have been motivated by retribution for black men killed by police.[57]
June 12, 2016 Orlando, Florida 50[n 1] 53 103 Pulse Nightclub shooting: A gunman killed 49 people and wounded 53 others in a shooting at Pulse, a gay nightclub. The gunman was killed in a shootout with the police.[58]
May 5–May 6, 2016 Beltsville and Bethesda, Maryland 3 3 6 2016 Maryland Shooting Spree: A federal officer shot and killed three people and injured three others in an attack that began with him killing his estranged wife.[59]
April 21–April 22, 2016 Pike County, Ohio 8 0 8 Pike County, Ohio shootings: Eight people, all members of the same family, were killed. Bodies were found in four separate locations.[60]
March 9, 2016 Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania 6[n 3] 3 9 2016 Wilkinsburg mass shooting: Six people (including an unborn child) were killed and three were injured by two gunmen in an attack during a backyard party. One person with a handgun drove the partygoers toward a backyard porch, where the second shot at them with an assault-style rifle.[61]
February 25, 2016 Hesston and Newton, Kansas 4[n 1] 14 18 Hesston shooting: A man killed three people and injured fourteen others in an attack at his workplace. He had been served with a temporary order of protection shortly before he began shooting. He was killed by police who responded to the scene.[62]
February 20, 2016 Kalamazoo, Michigan 6 2 8 2016 Kalamazoo shootings: An Uberdriver is suspected to have killed six people and wounded two others in a series of shootings targeting random people.[63]


Date Location Dead Injured Total Description
December 2, 2015 San Bernardino, California 16[n 1] 22 38 San Bernardino attack: A married couple opened fire on the husband’s colleagues at a work training event. They killed fourteen people and injured 22, before being killed in a shootout with police. Pipe bombs set at their residence failed to detonate. The two perpetrators are believed to have been radicalized, though they are not believed to be directly connected to a specific foreign terrorist organization.[64]
November 29, 2015 Colorado Springs, Colorado 3 9 12 Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting: A man killed two civilians and a police officer and wounded nine others inside a Planned Parenthoodclinic before surrendering to police. The shootings are suspected to have been motivated by the suspect’s anti-abortionviews.[65]
October 1, 2015 Roseburg, Oregon 10[n 1] 8 18 Umpqua Community College shooting: A student at Umpqua Community College killed nine people and injured eight others on the college campus. After being wounded by police officers, he killed himself.[66]
August 8, 2015 Harris County, Texas 8 0 8 2015 Harris County, Texas shooting: A man broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home and held her hostage along with her husband and six children, one of whom was his biological son. Over the course of nine hours, he killed everyone in the home. After a shootout with police, he surrendered and was taken into custody.[67]
July 23, 2015 Lafayette, Louisiana 3[n 1] 9 12 2015 Lafayette shooting: A gunman killed two people and injured nine in a shooting at a movie theater. After trying to blend into the crowd leaving the theater, the gunman heard sirens and returned to the theater and killed himself.[68]
July 16, 2015 Chattanooga, Tennessee 6[n 1] 1 7 2015 Chattanooga shooting: A man committed a drive-by shooting at a military recruitment center in a strip mall, wounding one Marine. With police in pursuit, he drove to a U.S. Navy Reserve centerand rammed his vehicle through a gate. He fatally wounded a Navysailor, killed four Marines, and wounded a police officer before being killed by police.[69] The FBI later determined the gunman had been motivated by propaganda published by terrorist organizations.[70]
June 17, 2015 Charleston, South Carolina 9 1 10 Charleston Church shooting: A white supremacist man killed nine black people during a prayer service at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, wounding one other. He was taken into custody by police, and later said that he committed the shootings in an attempt to start a “race war”.[71][72]
May 17, 2015 Waco, Texas 9 18 27 2015 Waco shootout: Gunfire broke out at a restaurant where members of several motorcycle clubshad gathered to discuss political rights for motorcyclists. Members of the clubs and police were both involved in the gunfire. Nine people were killed and eighteen were injured in the shootout, all members of the motorcycle clubs. The shooting may have resulted from a territorial dispute between two of the motorcycle clubs.[73]
February 26, 2015 Tyrone, Missouri 8[n 1] 1 9 2015 Tyrone shooting: A man killed seven people and wounded one after going door-to-door and shooting people in four separate homes. Four of the people he killed were family members. The man then killed himself. The shooting was possibly motivated by the man finding his mother dead from natural causes.[74]


Date Location Dead Injured Total Description
December 15, 2014 Montgomery County, Pennsylvania 6 1 7 Montgomery County, Pennsylvania shootings: Six people were found dead and one wounded in three locations across Montgomery County. The shooter was found dead the next day after committing suicide by overdose. One of the victims was the shooter’s ex-wife, the others were her relatives.[75]
October 24, 2014 Marysville, Washington 5 1 6 Marysville Pilchuch High School shooting: A fifteen-year-old killed four people and injured one other in the cafeteria of Marysville Pilchuck High Schoolbefore killing himself.[76]
July 9, 2014 Spring, Texas 6 1 7 2014 Harris County, Texas shooting: A man is suspected of killing six of his family members and wounding a seventh. He was arrested after a brief chase and a standoff that lasted several hours.[77]
May 23, 2014 Isla Vista, California 7[n 1][n 4] 13[n 5] 20 2014 Isla Vista killings: Several hours after stabbing and killing his three roommates, a man drove to a sorority house near the University of California, Santa Barbara and knocked on the door. After receiving no answer, he began shooting at people nearby, killing two members of another sorority and injuring a third. He then returned to his car and continued to shoot at and ram people with his vehicle before killing himself with a gunshot.[78]The attack is believed to have been motivated by the killer’s hatred of women and frustration with his dating and family life.[79]
April 2, 2014 Fort Hood, Texas 4[n 1] 14 18 2014 Fort Hood shooting: After being denied leave from the Fort Hood military base where he was stationed, a man killed three people and injured 14 before killing himself.[80]


Date Location Dead Injured Total Description
November 1, 2013 Los Angeles International AirportLos Angeles, California 1 4[n 1] 5 2013 Los Angeles International Airport shooting: A man entered the Los Angeles International Airport and killed a TSA agent and wounded three other people. He was injured when he was shot multiple times by police.[81]
September 16, 2013 Washington D.C. 13[n 1] 8 21 Washington Navy Yard shooting: A gunman entered the Naval Sea Systems Commandheadquarters in the Washington Navy Yardwith a civilian contractor pass. He killed twelve people and injured eight before being killed by police.[82]
August 5, 2013 Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania 3 4[n 1] 7 Ross Township Municipal Building shooting: A man entered a meeting of township supervisors and killed three people, injuring three others. The gunman was also injured when his gun went off and hit his own leg as two men wrestled him to the ground and took away his weapon. The shooting was suspected to be motivated by a longstanding feud in which the gunman’s property rights had been taken away. He was sentenced to life in prison.[83][84]
July 26, 2013 Hialeah, Florida 7[n 1] 0 7 2013 Hialeah Shooting: A man lit his apartment on fire and killed seven other people in his apartment building before being killed by a SWAT team.[85]
June 7, 2013 Santa Monica, California 6[n 1] 5 11 2013 Santa Monica shooting: A man killed two people in a residence before lighting it on fire. He continued to shoot at people while moving towards Santa Monica College, then attempted to carjack a passing vehicle. After firing rounds at a passing bus, he ran into the college library and continued shooting. He killed five people and injured five others before being killed by police.[86]
January 19, 2013 South Valley, New Mexico 5 0 5 2013 South Valley homicides: A fifteen-year-old is suspected of killing his parents and three siblings in their home. He was arrested by police.[87]


Sandy Hook Elementary School (2012): A 20-year old killed his mother, before shooting and killing 20 children and 6 adults in Newton, Connecticut before committing suicide.

Aurora, Colorado Movie Theater Shooting (2012): The perpetrator stormed a late-night premier of a Batman film and shot and killed 12 people and wounded 70 others. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shooting (2012): The perpetrator fatally shoot 6 people at a Sikh temple before being killed by responding police officers.

Chardon High School Shooting (2012): The perpetrator entered the school and fired at students sitting in the cafeteria killing 3 and wounded 3 others before being arrested.

Oikos University Shooting (2012): A former student, opened fire on a classroom and fatally shoot 7 people and left 3 wounded.

Seal Beach Shooting (2011): The perpetrator entered the workplace of his ex-wife and shot and killed 8 people and injured 1, before he fled the scene and later arrested.

Safeway Shooting in Casas Adobes, Arizona (2011): The perpetrator killed 6 people and injured 15, during an assassination attempt of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, before he was tackled and arrested.

Hartford Beer Distributors Shooting (2010): An employee of the company was fired, and in retaliation he shot and killed 8 coworkers and injured 2 others before committing suicide.

University of Alabama in Huntsville Shooting (2010): A biology professor opened fire and killed 3 other professors and injured 3 others, before she was arrested.

Fort Hood Military Base Shooting (2009): A US army psychiatrist opened fire and killed 13 individuals and injured 42 others.

Carthage Nursing Home Shooting (2009): The perpetrator attacked the workplace of his estranged wife, and shot and killed 8 people and wounded 2 others before being arrested.

New York Immigration Center Shooting (2009): A Vietnamese immigrant shot and killed 13 people at a civic center in Binghamtom, New York, before committing suicide.

Northern Illinois University Shooting (2008): A former graduate student, entered a lecture hall and fired widely and killed 5 people and wounded 21 before committing suicide.

Youth with a Mission and New Life Church Shooting (2007): The perpetrator stormed a dormitory at the YWAM in Arvada, Colorado before driving to Colorado Springs and attacking a church. He killed 4 people and wounded 5 others before committing suicide.

Crandon, Wisconsin Duplex Shooting (2007): A part time police officer returned after arguing with a group in the duplex, armed with a semiautomatic rifle and killed 6 people and wounded 1 before he attempted to flee and was killed by officers.

Westroads Mall shooting (2007): 19-year old killed 8 people and wounded 4 before committing suicide.

Virginia Tech Shooting (2007): A 23-year old student from South Korea killed 27 students and 5 teachers.

Capital Hill Shooting (2006): A guest returned to a house party, while armed with a shotgun and a semiautomatic handgun. He shot indiscriminately, killing 6 people and injuring 2, before committing suicide.

Goleta Postal Facility Shootings (2006): The perpetrator killed her neighbor, before driving to the mail processing plant and shot and killed 6 people before committing suicide.

West Nickel Mines School Shooting (2006): The perpetrator took hostages in an Amish School house and killed 5 school girls and injured 5 others before committing suicide.

Red Lake Indian Reservation Shooting (2005): A 16-year old student killed 9 individuals and wounded 5 others before committing suicide.

Day Trading Firms Shooting (1999): The perpetrator shot and killed his wife and two children, two days prior to entering two separate Buckhead firms and shot fellow traders, he killed 12 in total and wounded 13 before committing suicide.

Columbine High School Shooting (1999): Two students from the school shot and killed 12 classmates and a teacher before committing suicide.

Wedgwood Baptist Church Shooting (1999): During a concert in the church for teenagers, the perpetrator entered and shot and killed 7 attendees and wounded 7 others before committing suicide.

Westside Middle School Shooting (1998): Two students aged 11 and 13, shot and killed 4 students and a teacher and injured 10 others before being arrested.

Thurston High School Shooting (1998): An expelled student targeted his parents and the school and killed 4 people and injured 25 others before being arrested.

Bethel Regional High School Shooting (1997): A student shot and killed 2 people and wounded 2 others before surrendering to police, he was reportedly assisted by multiple students in learning how to shot, and many knew about the shooting plans in advance.

Pearl High School Shooting (1997): The perpetrator shot and killed his mother, then drove to the high school and shot and killed 2 students and injured 7 before being arrested.

Fairchild Air Force Base Shooting (1994): A former airman who had been discharged returned to the base hospital and killed 4 people and injured 23 people before being shot and killed by responding police.

101 California Street Shooting (1993): The perpetrator opened fire through an office building killing 8 people and wounded 6 others before committing suicide.

Aurora, CO Chuck E. Cheese Shooting (1993): The perpetrator shoot and killed 4 employees and injured 1, in revenge after being fired from the restaurant.

Lindhurst High School Shooting and Hostage Situation (1992): A 20-year old past student opened fire on a classroom and killed 4 people and wounded 10 others during an 8 hour siege where he took 80 people hostage, before he surrendered.

Killeen, Texas Luby’s Restaurant Shooting (1991): A former Merchant Marinedrove his vehicle throw the front window of the restaurant before opening fire on a crowd of about 80 people, killing 23 people and injured 20 people before committing suicide.

University of Iowa Shooting (1991): A former graduate student attended a meeting for a research group before opening fire and killed 5 individuals and injured 1 before committing suicide.

GMAC Office Shooting (1990): A convicted felon returned to the loan office, he used to purchase a car and opened fire killing 11 people and injured 4 before committing suicide.

Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre (1990): Two unknown perpetrators entered the bowling alley and killed 4 people and injured 3, before fleeing, the case is still unsolved.

Cleveland Elementary School Shooting (1989): A drifter used an semi-automatic rife to kill 5 children and wound 30 other students and teachers on the school playground before committing suicide.

Oakland Elementary School Shooting (1988): The perpetrator shot and killed 2 eight-year old students and wounded 9 others (7 students, a teacher, and a gym coach) in the schools cafeteria and a classroom, before being arrested and sentenced to death.

Attacks by Laurie Dann (1988): The perpetrator entered the Hubbard Woods Elementary School and killed 1 student and wounded 5 others before entering a home and held the inhabitants hostage before committing suicide.

Old Salisbury Road Shooting (1988): The perpetrator shot nine passersby from the centerline on the road, killing 4 and injuring 5, before being arrested.

Edmond, Oklahoma Post Office Shooting (1986): A part-time employee entered to begin his day before locking the doors and killed 14 coworkers and injured 6 others before committing suicide.

Murray-Wright High School Shooting (1985): During half-time at a football game, the perpetrator opened fire with a shotgun on individuals that he had earlier fought with, and wounded 6.

San Ysidro McDonald’s Shooting (1984): A male suspect entered a busy McDonald’s and opened fire with an Uzi, shotgun and semiautomatic pistol, and killed 21 people and injured 19 before being killed by a police sniper.

49th Street Elementary School Shooting (1984): The perpetrator fired on children in a school playground from his home across the street, and killed 2 individuals and injured 12 others, before committing suicide.

Russian Jack Springs Park Shooting (1982): A schizophrenic man left a psychiatric hospital on a day pass and killed 4 teenagers in a park before being arrested.

Welding Shop Shooting (1982): A teacher opened fire inside a welding shop killing 8 people and injured 3, before attempting to flee by bicycle and was run down as he cycled away.

Oregon Museum Tavern Shooting (1981): The perpetrator entered the location and fired, killing 5 people and injuring 18 before he was wrestled to the ground.

Dangerfield Church Shooting (1980): The perpetrator killed 5 people and wounded 10 others, after they had declined to be character witnesses in the trial of him raping his daughter.

Cleveland Elementary School Shooting (San Diego) [1979]: A 16-year old girl who lived across the street shot and killed 2 people and injured 9 others before being arrested.

Golden Dragon Massacre (1977): Five members of a Chinese youth gang attempted to kill rival gang members, which quickly turned into a shootout with 5 people dead and 11 people injured.

California State University, Fullerton Shooting (1976): A custodian at the University killed 7 people and wounded 2 others before fleeing the school and was arrested.

Ronald DeFeo Jr. Family Murders (1974): Basis for The Amityville Horror, where the perpetrator was convicted for the killings of his parents and siblings, 6 people in total.

Olean High School Shooting (1974): A student locked himself in a third floor room before shooting out the window killing 4 people and injuring 11, before being subdued with tear gas and arrested.

Howard Johnson’s Shooting (1973): The perpetrator spent 10-hours, and multiple locations to kill 7 people and injured 10, and had previously killed 2 police officers and wounded another, before being shot and killed by police.

Kent State Shooting (1970): During a protest of the bombing of Cambodia at the University, members of the Ohio National Guard opened fire killing 4 and injuring 9 individuals.

University of Texas Tower Shooting (1966): A student and former Marinesharpshooter, killed his wife and mother before using the University of Texas clock tower to shoot 17 people and wounded 30 before being killed by police.

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