Music Monday – Dean Lewis

As I was exploring which artist to profile this week, I came across Dean Lewis quite by accident. I was getting ready to watch a Greta Van Fleet video, but before the video started playing, there was a brief commercial of Dean Lewis performing a song.

Here was that song:

I had never heard of Lewis, but his voice immediately caught my attention.

So I searched the web to find out more on Lewis, and here is what I found, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Dean Lewis is an Australian singer and songwriter from Sydney. He is best known for his debut single “Waves” (video below), which was certified triple platinum in Australia in 2017, and his 2018 single “Be Alright” (video above), which reached number one in Australia and was certified platinum within four weeks of release.

Lewis was inspired to pursue music after watching a live Oasis DVD in 2005. Lewis says “I remember watching Liam Gallagher walk out with this hat and red jacket and watching him with Noel, they were just the coolest guys ever. I spent the next five years watching every Oasis video – Noel Gallagher basically taught me how to write songs.”

Lewis released his debut single “Waves” on 30 September 2016 which peaked at number 12 on the Australian ARIA Charts. The song was featured in a number of American television shows such as Suits, Greys Anatomy, Valor, Riverdale and Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.

In June 2018, Lewis released “Be Alright”. The single reached number one in Australia where it was on top for four consecutive weeks and has been certified double platinum in the country. This is Lewis’ first single that topped in a country. It also reached the top five in New Zealand and Sweden, and the top 40 in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and six other countries.

Lewis’ debut studio album is expected in 2019.

Given that profile, it seems like Lewis is relatively unknown in the U.S., but he’s got an easy name to remember; just think of mashing together the names Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

I wish Dean the best of luck and look forward to hearing more of his music.

And look for a profile of Greta Van Fleet on a future Music Monday…

*image from Verge Campus

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