Music Monday: James Dupré, a Voice for the Ages

James Dupré is a country music artist and actor born and raised in Bayou Chicot, Louisiana. While working as a paramedic, he became a YouTube sensation in 2007 after posting cover videos of country songs. He was invited to perform on ‘Ellen’, and released his debut album in 2010. After signing a record deal with Warner Music Nashville in 2011, he began performing and touring full-time. He was released from Warner in 2014, and shortly after appeared on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ Season 9, turning all 4 coaches’ chairs. His latest album, Stoned to Death, was released in 2016. (from IMDB).

I came across James’s YouTube videos a few years ago and was quite impressed. The videos started when he as about 23 years old, and initially it was just him singing into the camera. Some of the videos are just that, and on some of them, he’s playing guitar as well. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite videos to watch him mature and progress over the years.

As James wrote in the comments to this song: “I’ve been singing since I was a baby, never had any training or lessons.”

One of my favorite songs and James offers a great rendition.

Another classic…

with help from his friend on guitar

better than the original??

probably my favorite of his covers

this is one from about five years ago

An original, with a full-blown music video, from a couple of years ago

a little Elton – this is one of his most recent videos, and really shows how he has developed as a singer; beautiful…

I wish James continued success, and thank him for sharing his amazing voice with the world.


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