I’ve Got to Start Leaving Better Notes to Myself

My wife and I share each other’s Google calendars, and while she was going through her calendar the other day, she came across a somewhat cryptic entry I had entered for August 27:

take a picture of each class

She asked me what the entry was for, and other than telling her that August 27 is the first day of the semester, I cannot remember at all why I made such an entry.

I must have read an article somewhere that made such a suggestion, and offered some advantages of doing so.

But at this point, I have no idea. I know of other faculty who take pictures on the first day of class as a way to get to know their students’ names, but I’m fairly certain that’s not the reason I made the note to myself. I don’t even know if it is supposed to be a class photo or individual photos (but my guess is that it is meant to be a class photo).

I’ve tried searching on Google, but it’s a pretty vague phrase to search for. I’ve tried going through a few web sites I often find good ideas at, such as Adam Grant’s or Dan Pink’s, but so far to no avail.

I’m sure at the time I made the entry I was pretty proud of myself for actually entering the idea into my calendar so that I wouldn’t forget. But in hindsight, there obviously wasn’t enough detail to make it useful.

So I’ll continue to search for why I wanted to take pictures the first day of class, and even if I don’t find anything by August 27, I’ll still take the pictures.

And hope that at some point I find out or remember why I wanted to do so.

If not, it’s just more evidence to support the cliche of the absent-minded professor.

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